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Thursday 22nd of February 2018

1209. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 26 September 1998.

I have gotten many letters and e-mails from people asking me who I believed was my future wife. For years I always believed it was my special friend who I was praying for when the Holy Spirit came into my bedroom almost ten years ago. You can read about it in the testimony part on the web site. Over the years the Lord has been telling me to wait for her. For she was going to have to make a choice to obey or not. So for ten years, I have been waiting and waiting and praying to the Lord to let me out of this for I could not take it anymore. As some of you already know she decided to marry someone else last February and she told me the wedding was set for September. So in February, I started my search for the other woman the Lord has told me about in case my special friend made a choice other than me. Well, my special friendís wedding was last Saturday the 26 September 1998.

Today is the 1 October 1998, I just got a call from my friend Jerry. Jerry informed me that my special friendís mother was killed on the way to her wedding. Jerry believes she got married though, but she had to change the plans they had made. I am a little shocked right now, but please put this to prayer. (over)


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