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Thursday 24th of May 2018

1263. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 20 March 1999 at 12:00 noon

I prayed to the Lord and asked if we should go to Norway.

The Lord said, "No", you do not have to go there".

Then I said, "But Lord, there are many beautiful blondes there."

And the Lord said, "That’s OK. I already have a nice one for you."


1256. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 18 March 1999 at 10:30 PM

At the beginning of the Europe mission trip, while walking for the hotel through the city of Helsinki, Finland, the Holy Spirit fell upon me. I was instantly startled for out of nowhere I felt like I was part of the Angel of Death as I walked through the dark snow covered city streets. This made me just want to cry.

An hour later:

The Lord gave me a vision of a heart and there was this long rod or sword extending over this heart. Then, this sword looked like half of it had been heated for it became bright red and the sword was plunged into the heart with a great Force.


Then I was given a vision of this nose which looked like it had been sliced perpendicularly off of a face. (over)

Then at the hotel the Lord said that I was at the right place at the right time and not to worry, and just to obey and follow His instructions. (over)


1258. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 18 March 1999

The Lord gave me chapter 9 of the Book of Job in the city of Vyborg, Russia. The Lord also told me not to anoint the train station there.


Many people believe the bear is Russia and in this Russian train station there were many pillars holding up the roof. After reading Job chapter 9, I noticed it mentioned the word "pillars" and the word "bear". (over)

From the NIV Bible:

Job 9:1 Then Job replied:

Job 9:2 "Indeed, I know that this is true. But how can a mortal be righteous before God?

Job 9:3 Though one wished to dispute with him, he could not answer him one time out of a thousand.

Job 9:4 His wisdom is profound, his power is vast. Who has resisted him and come out unscathed?

Job 9:5 He moves mountains without their knowing it and overturns them in his anger.

Job 9:6 He shakes the earth from its place and makes its pillars tremble.

Job 9:7 He speaks to the sun and it does not shine; he seals off the light of the stars.

Job 9:8 He alone stretches out the heavens and treads on the waves of the sea.

Job 9:9 He is the Maker of the Bear and Orion, the Pleiades and the constellations of the south.

Job 9:10 He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.

Job 9:11 When he passes me, I cannot see him; when he goes by, I cannot perceive him.

Job 9:12 If he snatches away, who can stop him? Who can say to him, 'What are you doing?'

Job 9:13 God does not restrain his anger; even the cohorts of Rahab cowered at his feet.

Job 9:14 "How then can I dispute with him? How can I find words to argue with him?

Job 9:15 Though I were innocent, I could not answer him; I could only plead with my Judge for mercy.

Job 9:16 Even if I summoned him and he responded, I do not believe he would give me a hearing.

Job 9:17 He would crush me with a storm and multiply my wounds for no reason.

Job 9:18 He would not let me regain my breath but would overwhelm me with misery.

Job 9:19 If it is a matter of strength, he is mighty! And if it is a matter of justice, who will summon him ?

Job 9:20 Even if I were innocent, my mouth would condemn me; if I were blameless, it would pronounce me guilty.

Job 9:21 "Although I am blameless, I have no concern for myself; I despise my own life.

Job 9:22 It is all the same; that is why I say, 'He destroys both the blameless and the wicked.'

Job 9:23 When a scourge brings sudden death, he mocks the despair of the innocent.

Job 9:24 When a land falls into the hands of the wicked, he blindfolds its judges. If it is not he, then who is it?

Job 9:25 "My days are swifter than a runner; they fly away without a glimpse of joy.

Job 9:26 They skim past like boats of papyrus, like eagles swooping down on their prey.

Job 9:27 If I say, 'I will forget my complaint, I will change my expression, and smile,'

Job 9:28 I still dread all my sufferings, for I know you will not hold me innocent.

Job 9:29 Since I am already found guilty, why should I struggle in vain?

Job 9:30 Even if I washed myself with soap and my hands with washing soda,

Job 9:31 you would plunge me into a slime pit so that even my clothes would detest me.

Job 9:32 "He is not a man like me that I might answer him, that we might confront each other in court.

Job 9:33 If only there were someone to arbitrate between us, to lay his hand upon us both,

Job 9:34 someone to remove God's rod from me, so that his terror would frighten me no more.

Job 9:35 Then I would speak up without fear of him, but as it now stands with me, I cannot.


1252. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 16 March 1999

The Prophecies, Visions and Occurrences from 1252 through 1319 were received on the European prayer mission trip. During this time I met Eva and Irene for the first time in person. Eva came with me on the Western Europe part of the trip and Irene guided me on the second part of the mission, she showed me Kiev, Ukraine.

Map of Western Europe part of trip.

Irene during one of the walks in Kiev. Irene and I at Easter dinner at her house. It was Irene's idea to take pictures in Kiev. Eva and I did not take any pictures in Western Europe. For we felt our job was to pray and not sightsee.

Other than the pictures, I did noticed that Eva and Irene did many of the same things that I began to believe that the Lord had given them both the same script. They both took care of me like a mother hen takes care of her chicks. They both handled the money, most of the food, and made most of the travel arrangements (taxis, trains, buses, ships, etc.). I have to admit I had a hard time submitting and being humble, but I just kept telling myself, "The Lord is really in charge. So Raymond, just keep your mouth shut!" The whole mission trip went so well I give the Lord all the praise!

In Turku, Finland on Easter Sunday, April 4, Eva gave me a tour of this old Presbyterian Church and as we walked out onto the street, we walked by a high Bishop of the State Presbyterian Church giving an interview to a television station. Then almost one week later, Irene gave me a tour of a Russian Orthodox Monastery the day after their Easter. And I found myself surrounded by soldiers, people, and television reporters interviewing their Patriarch for their television station. But on this occasion suddenly my prayer language began to pray.

Another thing I found strange, Eva told me she liked, loved, or cared for this man and she showed me his picture and he had very large feet. Then on the same day as Irene and I walked toward the Monastery she began to tell me (without reason) that her ex-husband had very, very large feet. This reminded me of the picture Eva had shown me. On many occasions they both said almost the same things during walks and dinner. Like I said earlier they were as if they had studied the same script. This was very strange indeed!

Another thing which struck me funny was during this whole European trip and after spiritual warfare I was always thirsty for Seven-Up or Sprite. At times after spiritual warfare, I could not drink enough. For I felt like I was going to physically die if I did not drink some. Then, when I got home this hunger for Seven-Up and Sprite left me. Very strange!!

I am sorry to say I did not tour (sightsee) in Europe and only toured in Turku, Finland a little, but I did see a lot of Kiev, Ukraine. So I praise the Lord again for what I did see.

There was heavy spiritual warfare on a few occasions, but the mission trip went well overall. Praise the Lord again!


1242. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 25 February 1999

I sense my physical body dying and my spiritual body becoming more alive in the last few days. I still sense a strong spiritual war around me though. The Lord has been opening my spirit to the upcoming Europe and Israel mission trips in the past few days with such a focus that it is frightening, but yet, I know in my spirit that this must happen. All of this makes me truly believe that the end of all that we know is close at hand. Even in the flesh, my body is becoming more aware of what is in front of us.

I remember once, years ago, I gave a prophecy book to a Mexican woman who could not read English (but I did not know this), but she was able to read it in her own language. When we spoke again weeks later, I was surprised how the Lord revealed His Word to her even though the book was not in her own language. The Lord is truly amazing!

And now in the recent months I am getting e-mails from people who write me asking me how I got their e-mail address for they had received a prophecy. One brother in Christ asked me to remove him from our e-mail list for he was closing his e-mail account. After looking for his e-mail address to remove it, I was surprised to find out he was not on our e-mail list. So I e-mailed him back and told him I could not find his e-mail address on our prophecy e-mail list. He was also surprised for he said he had been receiving my e-mails from the e-mail list for some time. Now yesterday I received another e-mail from someone else asking me how I got his e-mail address for he had received a prophecy.

Then there was the case where a friend of mine received a scripture from me that I did not send. In another case there was a rebuke from the Lord to a pastor who was not doing the Lord’s will. I remember I had just finished typing up the rebuke e-mail and had just placed the period at the end of the last sentence, when my computer instantly and automatically sent the e-mail message out without me ever touching the send button. This really frightened me. Then a few days ago, I receive an e-mail from a Minister who had mailed me some money to help me with the European trip and he said his letter was returned. He e-mailed and informed me that he believed it was a spiritual attack from Satan. Maybe Satan is really trying hard to stop this Europe trip. And today I received an incorrect tax bill from the State of California asking for over $2500.00 within 30 days. I might add I should be in the middle of Europe during this time period. What a coincidence!

With all of these unexplained events one’s own flesh begins to become aware of the spiritual forces and the warfare around this European trip and around this ministry. I still get many angry e-mails from people who call me all kinds of names or whatever. But the reality of it all is that the Lord is going to do what He said He was going to do whether they believe these prophecies or not. This is going to be a great shock to many brothers and sisters in Christ.

Last night at our bible study we discussed the testimony of two women who through their prophetic obedience saw how the Word of the Lord affected the people they knew and the repercussions that followed the people who received the Word of the Lord. This Word they received was on the level of life or death for a member or members of one of the woman’s family. We really do not always know how our being obedient will effect people’s lives until it has been completed by the prophet and the Lord. But it is always important to follow through even if you are looked down upon and even if you become an outcast. If we truly belong to Christ, we have to learn to obey and let the Lord cover us with His Spirit and let the Lord’s will be done and let it become real in your walk.

The Lord revealed to me, through this bible study, the importance of being obedient in going to Europe. For in my heart I truly know that millions of lives are at the center of me being obedient. So please pray that I will have the spiritual strength and the funds to complete this Europe mission and the following mission to Israel sometime this summer for the Lord. And may we all jump onto the Lord’s Train.

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