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Thursday 24th of May 2018

1367. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 22 July 1999 at noon.

I figured that the hardest place to Anoint would be the areas in Jordan, for we needed visas to get into the country and a car to move around undetected. So we decided first to go to a tourist agency at the beginning of our mission trip to find out the cost in getting a private tour. When the tour agency started asking us questions on why we wanted a private tour and the reasons for this trip (for he had cheaper tours where more people went), we answered him the best we could. We had to watch our wording for everyone in Israel is worried about terrorists. After we received the price for our private tour, we decided to leave the agency to pray to the Lord about this tour package.

We went to an outside café and we prayed.

And the Lord gave me this Word: "Anoint only Mt. Nebo". "The rest is just worthless pagan desert."

So we prayed again to be sure if we should take the next available private tour.

And the Lord said, "When you pluck a feather from a goose does it jump?"

So we understood the above as a yes and we purchased the private tourist package from the tourist agency.

The Anointed areas:

We left the tourist agency and proceeded toward Tel Aviv to begin the Anointing on the 30-mile perimeter from the Old City of Jerusalem.

We stopped at Yavne and the Lord said, "Anoint here". This was in a park neighboring a synagogue.

Then we drove by Qavat Malakhi and the Lord said, "Move on!"

When we arrived at Qiryat Gat the Lord said, "Fine"

Then we drove past a park and the Lord said, "Keep moving!"

Then we drove into Uzza and the Lord said, "Seek and you will find!" Then the Lord led us to another park, which had a large water tank and synagogue and we Anointed an area in the park.

Then we drove towards Edn Dhahiriya. We were about 8 Km into the West Bank and past the military checkpoint, and I was a little nervous because we were driving a rental car, (which was clearly labeled on the side doors). We were told by the rental agency not to drive the car into these areas for it was dangerous (Muslim cities in the West Bank).

Well, we drove in this forbidden area until the Lord said, "Do not go much further!" So we did a U-turn at the next intersection and I quickly poured the Olive oil as quickly as possible onto the ground from the back door of the car. For it looked like many workers were returning home from work and we did not want any trouble if some of them saw us Anointing the ground. And there were soldiers out there with REAL guns. So there we were, three Christians, Anointing a small Muslim area for the Lord. I don't really believe they would have understood what we were doing. They were more likely to believe we were terrorists. So we left the area as quickly as possible. I remember Carl once said that the Israelis and the Jordanians would find it easy to believe he and Mark were terrorists, but that I didn't fit the part. (I wonder if he was saying I was to old and out of shape? <Smile>)

So then we drove on highway 31, and away from the potential trouble. Then as we were driving the Lord said, "Pull over and park in a safe place!" So as we drove looking for a safe place to park - the Lord said, "What goes up comes down!" So we kept driving looking for that safe place to park the car, then as we were still driving the Lord said, "Shake the dust off your shoes!"

I saw a watermelon stand in the distance and I suggested we stop and buy a watermelon for it looked like a safe place to stop. So we purchased a watermelon and we shook the dust off our shoes when we climbed in the car as the Lord had told us to do.

By this time it was about 9 or 10 PM and Carl was getting sleepy so we stopped at a resort hotel at the Dead Sea about 5 miles south of Massada. It was very, very hot at this place, so we rested a little and we prayed, and the Lord said to move on.

So we began on our late night drive again and as we proceeded toward the next Anointing spot, I heard a demonic voice say, "You don't have to stop here!", "You quack!" Then when we reached our destination I heard a demonic voice say, "You don't want to do this!"

So we stopped the car at the side of the highway and I opened the back door and Anointed the ground in the Name of the Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I remember Carl and Mark had gotten out of the car and I guess they were going to take pictures or something, when I heard the Voice of the Lord say, "Now - leave here quickly!" I told Carl and Mark what the Lord had said and we drove away from that place as quickly as we could. Then some time later the Lord said, "Thank you good and faithful servants!"

This was a very strange drive back to our hotel. We were all tired and Carl was still a little sleepy as he drove the car and it seemed like we would never get back to our hotel. Then I heard another demonic voice say, "Slow down and stop. Take a break!" For some reason the demons wanted us to stop and the Lord wanted us to quickly leave. We drove for another hour or so and we stopped at a gas station and rested a little before we reached our hotel. It was a very long day, but we covered a lot of area and Anointed three or four spots.


1366. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 22 July 1999.

During my prayer times in the City of Jerusalem, I was having a very hard time focusing on the Lord, but I could sense this invisible Dome of protection around me. The Old City of Jerusalem was in walking distance from my hotel, and I could sense this incredible war in the spirit over the City during my nighttime prayers. Every night I would read the Bible before I went to sleep and this helped a lot. I was reading the Book of Jeremiah, and the more I read Jeremiah, the more I wondered what happened during Jeremiah's time. Realizing that Jerusalem was surrounded when this happened - it made me wonder even more! I have no idea if Jeremiah sensed the same spiritual warfare I was sensing every night, but the whole city seemed to be in an uproar and mad at Jeremiah. The other prophets that were saying the opposite of what Jeremiah said must have believed that what they were hearing was from God also. The frightening thing was Jeremiah was the only one who was hearing the Lord clearly. This made me more determined to stay focused!

Every night I had demonic spirits tell me this and that until I was beginning to doubt which was the Lord and which were the devils. I prayed and I prayed and I tried to focus the best I could, but I felt like I was on this roller coaster that went racing up and down. Then out of nowhere, I realized what the Lord was doing with me. He was showing me how strong the demonic forces are in Jerusalem and how they fooled the other prophets in Jeremiah's time. These are very strong and powerful lying spirits and now I could see how the other prophets got fooled. They must of really believed they were hearing from God too.

So I prayed to the Lord, "How am I to tell it is you or tell the difference between you and them with all of this interference from these demonic spirits? And how can I even trust your Voice now? I don't even know the next place to Anoint. How can I proceed?"

Then Lord said, "Seek and you will find!"

All I could say in return was: "Lord, - I am a fish out of water here! If I make a mistake do not say I didn't warn you. These deceiving spirits are very, very good and I can truly say I am walking on water now! I can truly see how the prophets of Jeremiah's time got fooled. The more I read the Book of Jeremiah the more I understand his obstacles in the spirit. I am going to need some confirmations if I have some doubts."

And the Lord said, "Don't worry, We are with you!"

I said to the Lord, "Please don't get mad if I test and test and re-test your Word during my stay in Israel."

Comments: I might add that I knew the importance of my mission in Israel and walking into all of this unusual powerful spiritual warfare was frightening. But yet, I could still sense this powerful Dome of protection around me. As if a nuclear bomb could have gone off in my lap it would not have hurt me. I could really sense this protection very tightly around me, but yet - these demonic forces could still speak to me. This is very strange stuff!


1347. Occurrence (Israel mission trip): June 28, 1999 at 1:30 AM.

Carl and I were seeking for low cost hotels in Jerusalem with air conditioning because of the extreme heat during the summer months in Israel. The only ones we had been able to find were in the Muslim section with no air conditioning. So Carl suggested we pray about it and seek the Lord about the hotels in East Jerusalem.

Then the Lord said, "Why do My Sheep have to stay with goats?"

Then later, we prayed again about two other hotels one Christian and one Jewish.


Then the Lord gave me a vision of an Eagle’s nest with some eggs inside.

Then the Lord said, "I want My Eggs in My Nest!" (over)


1346. Occurrence (Israel mission trip): June 26, 1999 at 11 PM.

During prayer with Carl about which hotels in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, we should stay.

The Lord said, "Seek and you will find!"


1345. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 25 June 1999.

Letter to e-mail list:

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I have been trying to prepare myself for the upcoming Israel mission trip the past week. I have been praying, reading the Bible, and spending quality time with the Lord everyday, and trying to keep my focus. It feels like I am inside a spiritual military foxhole with bombs and bullets flying over the foxhole. The spiritual warfare has been intense the past few weeks, but the past few days this inner strength has been coming upon me. Yesterday, even my throat, which has been giving me trouble, began to cough madly for about a half an hour and when I was finished coughing my throat seemed to be healed. The pain just left.

And this spiritual inner strength keeps getting stronger and stronger the more I read the Bible. I will be leaving on the July 10, so I have about two weeks left before I head off for Finland and then to Israel on the 19th. I keep seeing this strange vision, as if I can see myself in this spiritual fox hole - I take a long DEEP breath - and jump over the embankment and run as fast as I can with my swinging sword. I have no idea what is out there in the spirit, but the Lord said to go - so I am going. I wish I could better explain myself in what I see, but there are no words to explain it.

I have no doubts of not having enough money or where we are to stay. The only thing I can think about is where will I anoint the ground, but even that I know the Lord will show us. For He has already given us the first place (outside of Tel Aviv the first day). So I guess all that is left to do is to jump over the embankment, swing that sword and LET THE LORD DO THE FIGHTING!

Yours in Christ, ray

PS: We will still need a prayer cover during this Israel mission trip. God bless.

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