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Wednesday 14th of November 2018

281. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 30 January 1993 at 9:16 AM. in Spanish.

Dim lights

He chewed, and he munched the grape with his teeth, and the sin he did. For he chewed it, the grape and he sinned the sin, with the mind, with the spirit, with the body. He munched the grape, and he spit it out. With the force of the devil, the man that doesn't know that the grape is the Blood of God. The man spit the grape of My Son, the grape of the Holy Spirit, of the Father.

The man is going to fall. He is going to fall fast and hard, for I am going to hit him with My Hand. For he spit the grape, and did the sin of sins. For what is of My Son is clean, is good, and is of the point, is of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I am going to hit him with the Force of God, and he is going to wish he was never born. For I am going to hit him for he spit out the grape of My Son, the Blood of My Son, when he ate the Communion.

I am telling you World, with Lips of God, with the Lips of the Father, with the Lips of the Son, with the Lips of the Holy Spirit. Everyone who eats the Grape of My Son, and the Body, the Bread, the Mass, and if they don't eat it with RESPECT for the Love of My Son, for the Love of the Father, with the Love of the Holy Spirit, I am going to hit them with My Hand hard, and to the point. And these are the Lips that say the Truth to the Point.

I AM NOT PLAYING WITH YOU PEOPLE!! This is not a game. This is the truth. Everything that is of My Son is clean, and is good, and I don't want you to make fun of the Communion. For the Communion is Precious, is of Heaven, is of the Father, is of the Son, is of the Holy Spirit. You have to open your ears because I am telling you something exactly and to the point. If you eat the mass, and you make fun of it, I am going to kill you!! This is EXACT, and to the POINT. This is your Father that's telling you with His Lips CLEARLY!!

The Communion is Precious and is something of Heaven, and if you believe it is something you can make fun of, if you believe you can make fun of My Son, I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!! And I don't care if you get scared of the Words I am telling you for your Father doesn't Lie! You have to have RESPECT for the Communion, of the Grape, of the Bread, all of the Mass, all of the Communion.

You have to have Respect. For you are eating the Body of My Son with Respect, and to the Point, telling your God that you Love Him with all of you heart. And those are the things you cannot make fun of, in any manner. Are you hearing Me World with your ears open!!? Because those stupid things are not of your Father. They are of the devil and I am going to kill you with My Hand.

Did you hear Me!!? That's all I am going to tell you. The man that ate the Grape, and spit it out is going to have three days to live. Then I am going to kill him. For he didn't have Respect for the Communion. He did it stupidly, and he thought it was something to make fun of, but the joke is on him, and on the devil. For I am going to hit them both.

Did you hear Me World? This is your Father. I am telling you the truth on this Date, on this Day, with My Prophet, Reymundo. Did you hear Me World? This is your Father with the Son and the Holy Spirit.

279. Prophecy and Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 26 January 1993 at 9:30 PM.


I had a vision in church, I saw a mountain, and then another identical one. Then both mountains fused together


On the way home from church the Lord said: "They represent the spiritual world, and the real world. They are going to fuse. The War in the Heavens, and the War on the planet Earth are going to become one." That was the interpretation of the vision.


278. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 26 January 1993 at 12:25 PM in English.

"The window of the Lord is open My Children, the window of the Lord. Remember that!"

277. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 26 January 1993 at 12:10 AM. in English and Spanish.

Ah, yes, yes My son. I know you are frustrated. I know you are tired and sleepy. For the coming days you will be asked to do some things that will Glorify the Body. That will make the foundation of your future, for yourself, and your new family. Be wise. Be strong. Try to be Patient.

The thumb is on the trigger. The gun is pointed in the direction of the House of the Lord. For the House of the Lord of Jesus Christ of Nazareth will be shot with the force of bullets from the enemy. For the enemy will Penetrate the House of My Son. In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, in the Name of Jehovah your God, through the Power of the Holy Spirit will endure the Trials and Tribulations.

For the Ark will be established in the new House, in the new building. Point your eyes in the direction of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Watch the World as it changes from month to month, from crises to crises. Remember what was said in the Prophecies, and watch the world as it fulfills the Prophecies. For the Word of Jehovah God says, will be done.


My House is mixed up from here to there for they don't know what to do. They have a whirlwind with all the words that are there, going every which way. No one is there in the middle, just the Pit. Open your eyes and look at the Word of your God; the Word of the Holy Spirit, the Word of your Father, the Word of Jesus, and I parted all the waters of the world to show you the Force of your God.

I tell you the things that are going to happen. If you don't believe Me, and if you bury your head under the sand, My Son will come and He is going to leave, and you're not going to know a thing, because you had your head under the sand. Everything of My Son is Force, everything from the Holy Spirit is Force, everything from your Father is Force, and no one can change the Word of your Father.

You have to look for My Son with the heart of your spirit. Fill your pockets with the sand of the ground, and in that way, the sand will show you how many pieces the Body of God there are in this World. If you don't open your eyes, and your ears, and read the Bible in the manner of God, God is going to come, and He is going to leave, and you won't even know because you didn't read the Bible.

You're going to be blind and deaf for all the points, of all that happened, of all that's happening, of all that's going to happen is in the Bible. Study and pray, and I, and My Son, and the Holy Spirit will protect you. My Sons and My Daughters this is your Father with the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Did you hear Me? Wake up! Look for My Son Jesus, and I will show you the things of God, exactly, with the Love of your Father, with the Love of the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Yes, it is the truth. All that is green is going to become red. All that is blue is going to become green. All that is yellow will become the color of a grapefruit. Yes, this is the truth. All the colors are going to change. All of carbon, all that is black is going to become white. For I am going to clean everything that is dirty with the Force of the Holy Spirit. Wake up, and study. I will show you. This is the Father with the Son, and the Holy Spirit, My Sons and Daughters.

269. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 23 January 1993 at 1:22 PM. in English.

Yes Ray, the hour that was revealed to you in the earlier Prophecies will be established, the hour of the beast. The conference that the beast recently attended was a complete success. All the beetles that attended the conference were happy, are rejoicing. For the food they ate was of the devil. They are satisfied at the present time with the meal they had. The Maggots of this world will multiply, will increase, the revelation to the world will become focused when the beast ( ? ).

All that will happen is that the beast will reveal this great plan. This manifestation of his own intellect, which really became a union between him, and the devil. The airplanes will fly, the beetles will build, the sky will rain, and the world's focus will be turned in a false direction. For the beast is going to manipulate the media in a direction that will be contrary to the Word of God. What will be right, will actually be wrong, and what will be wrong, will actually be right.

The communications of the world will be biased, will be of the beast, and the beast will be controlled by Satan. So don't be quick to condemn. For what is white will be black, and what is black will be white. Be very careful My Children, My Sheep, My Lambs. For many will be deceived, and many will fall. For the actions of the beast are the actions of all that is evil.

Read the Bible, study, stay focused, stay tuned. For some of your SO CALLED GREAT MEN are working for the enemy. Do not be deceived. Focus on Jesus Christ of Nazareth, your Father Jehovah, and the Holy Spirit will guide you, and direct you. Remember My Words, what sounds pretty, what sounds right could be wrong.

For the communications of this world, this planet are going to amplify the word of Satan, through the beast, through his organization. The false prophet will begin his campaign with the mass media. He will begin to change the value systems of the planet, and focus it in the direction of the Antichrist.

Listen carefully, very, very carefully to what is said in the media. For they are going to use the media to destroy the righteous, to destroy the Word of God. Focus in on the Bible, the Book of Romans, the Book of Chronicles, the Book of Ephesians, the Book of Revelation, the Book of Hebrews, and finish it off with the Gospels, the Word of God, My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, with the Holy Spirit, and the Father Jehovah God. Be careful My Lambs. Be careful My Seeds. For what you hear, for what you read, for what you see in the communication of this world are going to become corrupted. The false prophet is there. (Non-understandable tongues?)

Look at the sky. Look at the sky. There will be a sign in the sky. Look at the sky My Children. You will see miracles. You will see wonders. You will see, and feel, and sense the Presence of the Holy Spirit working through the planet. Your Father will not abandon you. Remember That! Jesus Christ of Nazareth will never abandon you. Remember that! The Holy Spirit will never abandon you. Remember that! No matter what happens focus on your God. Stay strong, love one another, help one another, and you'll be okay. (Non-understandable tongues?)

Look to the sky. Look to the sky, and you will see, and you will know, that Jehovah does not Lie. (Non-understandable tongues?)
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