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PROPHECIES 1997 | Page 2
Monday 23rd of July 2018

1023. Prophecy and Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 19 March 1997 at 8:06 AM.

During prayer, the Lord gave me a vision of the Red Sea and how He parted the waters. The Lord showed me His finger as it went over the water and parted the Red Sea (where Moses crossed). Then beneath this area He showed me this enormous mouth with teeth, and the Lord said it was the mouth of Leviathan. How the mouth was ready to eat the soldiers that were after Moses. (over)


Then the Lord gave me the vision of a white golf ball and a golf club. Then I saw the golf club hit the white golf ball.

Then Lord said, "That's how I am going to hit the planet earth." (over)


Then the Lord gave me a vision of Three Lit Match Sticks all of them standing side by side. (over)


Then the Lord showed me something that looked like fabric, but it wasn't fabric. It looked like a dam, and the dam was ripped down the middle like a piece of fabric. When water began to run down the Lord said, "My flood gates will be opened."


Then the Lord said, "The circle is complete." (over)


1024. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 21 March 1997 at 11:49 PM.

The Lord gave me the scriptures of Isaiah Chapter 60:19-21, for the vision about the water flooding. (vision about the fabric looking dam.)

1026. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 26 March 1997 at 7:56 AM. in Spanish.

I am - I am the life; the life of all that you see, all that you touch, all that you know. I am, I am, I am. I am the life. I hear your tears to the point! You believe that I do not hear you, but I hear ALL. I am going to help you with My Hands. I am going to help you with all that you need. I know - that you have suffered. I hear your tears everyday to the point. It has arrived, Reymundo, the date that I told you years ago. All that I promised has arrived. I am going to send people; I am going to send what you need. And the other things you asked about from the Bible. I am going to open your eyes and ears to Word, of the things that you do not know.

For We are arriving at the date, the date of the end. My Time is not the time of man. All is going to go to the Time of God (Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Father). We Three are One with the Force of Force, with the Love of Love, with ALL that there is.

All the Words that you have written are going to scare the world, and they are going to cry. For they are going to know that the things they have studied in the Bible are the things of man, with the mind of man. For they did not have pure hearts and pointed toward My Son Jesus. They were not standing on top of the Rock of My Son. They were standing on top of rock of the devil. The word of man is the word of man, if you use the Bible or if do not use the Bible; this is the same thing. This is the word of man.

But if you stand on top of the Rock of My Son Jesus, and you pray to Me with the Heart of Love. I will open your eyes. I will open your ears, and the things of the Bible will begin to become clear, to the point. And when you hear them, and when they hit your heart; you are going to fall onto the floor, and on the floor you are going to cry. For you are going to know with those tears that these are the Words of your God. For the Words of God have Force. The word of man has the pit. Remember what I have told you. I am going to take what is pointed, directly, and to the point toward My Son. That is all that I want. The rest - is going to the pit. For what is mine is mine. The rest I do not want! It is worthless!

It is not important to Me if you are tall, short, fat or if you are intelligent or if you know nothing. What I see is the HEART. The Heart that seeks Me with all that you have, with all the Mind, with all the Heart, with all your spirit, with all that you have. People are going to be frightened because they believed they had Me, and they are going to find out they had nothing. For their hearts were dirty.

Hurry - Reymundo! We have to begin to write everything I have said to you. For the world is going to be frightened clearly and to the point with the Force of God. Did you hear Me Clearly? Did you hear Me to the Point? Do not worry about the people who believe they know it all. For I have a place for people like that. Oh, Oh, Oh! I tell them, and I tell them, and I tell them, but they do not want to hear. For their hearts are hard. But what is going to happen is going to happen at the Time of God. Hurry My son, We have to begin another Page of the Word of God. (over)

1027. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 26 March 1996 at 8:13 AM. in English.

I will use the bear with the Force and the Power of God. Here comes the bear, the willing instrument of destruction. Be prepared, be wise! Here comes the bear! The sleeping bear will awaken with force of the atom. Hide your face - do not look at the light! The light of the atom is the light of the power of the bomb. Run and hide! For here comes the bear, the mighty bear, the instrument of God; for the Wrath of God; for what is dirty; for what is filthy. Here comes the light of the bomb! (over)


A vision of a kitchen faucet, and at the end of the faucet there was a baby bottle nipple. (over)


Then I found myself out in outer space. It was dark and as I flowed in space, I noticed the stars were gone, and there was nothing there but complete blackness with everything in the universe gone. And as I flowed in this darkness, I noticed this single Light far in the distance, and it got bigger and bigger. As it approached me, I noticed it changed into some sort silver looking canister. I do not know what it was, but it looked Kingly. This was strange, but the Lord was telling me that inside the container contained the whole universe that we know. (over)


1028. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 10 April 1997 at 12:27 AM. in Spanish.

I am with you My son. I am with you with the tears - I hear you! I see your heart crying with the flame that wants to know the truth. You know that the world is going to end. You know more than people who believe they know. For you saw with your eyes the end. You saw with the eyes of God, what was going to happen. I know that the people of the world do not want to help you. For they love more the devil than the things of God, but do not worry about people not helping you. For I am going to help you, with My Hand, with My Lips.

Man seeks the things of man, but I am going to show you the things that no one else has ever seen or heard. For you have to write the things of the Spirit, what you see, what you dream. I told you about the star before it happened; I told you to look to the sky years before it happened. And people are now just beginning to see - what I showed you years ago. They got frightened - like you were frightened when I showed you the star that hit the world, and still to this day, they make fun of you.

They still have not read the Bible, and they still have not helped the people who are in the streets. The ones who are sick. They are still having parties, dancing and having fun. For they do not want to know the truth. I know that it has been hard all of these years that I have spoken to you. I know that you have suffered. I know all that has happened, and the things that are going to happen to you. You are My beloved, but look Reymundo the things that you know - and the things you are going to write; people want to know. There are not many, but there are people who want to know. They are seeking the things that you know.

I know - that your body is wearing out, with your hands, and mind. You are exhausted! I know - that you are hungry at times, and you have nothing to eat. I see these things, but you do not believe I see. You do not go to parties. I know - that you do not have joy. I know - that you do not have anyone to talk too. I know - that you are alone. I know - that you seek friends to help you with the things you do not know, but they cannot help you, Reymundo.

For I separated you with My Spirit. I am the ONLY One who can help you. For the things I have showed you in the years past are very heavy, and I know it hurts your heart. I know the dreams, and I know that the devil hits you. He hits you hard, but you are stronger now Reymundo, and you can tell when he comes, but We have more things to do. I am going to help you with the money. For I know that the brothers and sisters are deaf; they want everything EASY; they want everything FREE. I know - the computer costs you, and the things to live on.

But there is going to come one day, Reymundo, that all these things are going to become nothing. For people are going to eat rats, dogs, and cats. And they are going to eat everything that is filthy. I have sent out My Word for many years, and no one helps My Prophets that I send out into this world. They suffer and they suffer, but they send out My Word for that is their job. I hear their tears, and it hurts Me, when I see the tears coming from the people I choose. For when they suffer - I SUFFER! For they know - and I know that the Word is not theirs. It is Mine!

The Word that I send through your hand, through your computer hits people very HARD to the point. And they do not like you, Reymundo! For if they liked you; they would like Me. All of them want everything easy. They like the Love, and the Love; they do not like to suffer like My Son Jesus. That's why they do not help you, Reymundo. For they want it easy! They want everything free! But do not worry My son, for I Love you. You are My beloved, and your steps are My Steps, and your lips are My Lips, and your heart is My Heart. I tell you direct. I tell you to the point.

I know that you are waiting for your wife, but I know what going to happen. You are going to have to wait for Me for there going to come a day, that you are going to need her, but I know who it is. For she is going to be of the same mind as you. The two of you are going to work, with the same spirit, with the same mind, with the same Love for Me, My Son, and the Holy Spirit. I know that you believe you are crazy at times, for the things that you know. You cannot tell anyone for they would not believe you. They believe you are crazy, but you are crazy for your God.

But things are going to become hotter, Reymundo, My son. I am going to show you more things, and you are going to get frightened - and you are going to cry some more. But look - you are in My Hands, and don't have any worries with who gets mad at you, if it is the President, the Government, the world, or the devil. For I know where you are going to go when your time comes. And I know - and you know what is going to happen to the people that come after you. Read the Bible - you know and I know, what happened to the people who hit the people (prophets) who carried My Word.

There are not many people who can do; what you are doing Reymundo. I know that you believe that you are not doing much. There are people who are telling you to do this, and do that, but they do not have the nerve to do it themselves. They tell you, but they do not have the nerve to do it, and they do not even have the nerve to help you. But look - point your eyes toward Jesus. Point your heart toward the Holy Spirit, and point everything that you have to your Father. No one can push you down for you are in Our Hands. I tell you with Love. I tell you the Word of God, but I know there are times when you do not want to hear the Word of God; when you are hungry, thirsty, and cold, but I am there every minute of everyday.

But here comes the war that is going to frighten the world. The devil is now ready. Everyone believes they can make the world the way they want, but the world is Mine, and I can do what I want with what is Mine. When it happens they are going to seek you out, the ones who believe, and the ones who do not believe. Nothing has changed with man. Something bad has to happen before they will seek Me out, but look - I want you only to seek Me, and I will tell you the truth. If you like it or not, I will tell you the truth for you are My beloved. I am going to place an Angel on one side of you, so he can help you every minute of everyday. I know that you are going to look for him, and sometimes you are going to see him, but if you see him or not - he is going to be there to open the doors and shut doors for the end is coming. The end of everything that you see; of all the you touch.

What a shame, that people are so blind, but nothing has changed. The church of the world is going on the same road as the Jews that believed they knew it all. I see nothing that is different in their hearts, in their minds. It is like they put on the same pants, shoes, hats, and coats, of the Jews. They look like twins. They look like twins. They look like twins. These are the people who are going to get mad with you, Reymundo.

We are going to start over, but there are many who are going to die, families, little ones, mothers, and fathers. What a shame! But the SIN is getting larger and larger, and the only thing that is different is that they SIN in the Name of My Son. What a shame! They do not eat the Communion; they do not repent, they do not do what My Son told them to do. They make and write laws, and when they want people to obey them, they place the Name of My Son on them, and they do them. And they believe I am going to help them because they said the Name of My Son when they do their sins. But I have patience, I can wait, for time is nothing to Me, and I do not forget a thing.

But I know, for I read your heart, that you are very sad; for you do not know who to speak to. For they do not know what you know, and you do not know how to tell them; what you feel in your heart. But look My son, make yourself strong for the end has arrived. For all the joy that they are having, they are going to suffer, and I am not going to protect them like I am going to protect you and your family. I know your heart; I know that you love Me with all that you have, but all will go well My son, all to the point, all the Words, all that you saw, all that you dreamed, all that has happened. Rest My son, I know that your hands hurt. I know that your heart is crying. Sleep and rest. Tomorrow I will give you money so you can eat for I know that you are hungry. Rest tomorrow, My son, I do not want you to work. Did you hear Me? I do not want you to work tomorrow, but I - with My Hands will give you the money that you need so you can eat. Rest! Did you hear Me? Rest My son, My beloved. (Over)


1034. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 25 April 1997 at 11:30 PM.

I am, I am, I am. Stay awake, be alert. The horse and the hound dog are ready for the hunt. Watch the fox. He is fast, and he is swift. The hunt will avail nothing; for the fox is too clever for the horse and the hound. Mark My Words, the day of the fox is here. If you look closely; you will see the fox. The fox will make himself known within the next three years. Look for the fox; for the horse and the hound are right behind. (over)

1037. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 29 April 1997 at 9:01 AM in English.

I am the Lord, All Mighty, the One you saw riding the White Horse moving under the Water. The time is coming when the righteous things will be submerged; for the cleansing; for the purifying; for things that are going to go to Heaven. Listen to Me My People; for the Word of God is True, Straight, and to the Point. The calamity of the World is here.

I know - that most of you do not believe. I know - that most of you want to know, but only those that have morals - Christian Morals- those who have the Love of Jehovah, the Love of Jesus Christ, the Love of the Holy Spirit will be Saved. You can't say you are Christian, and walk with the world. You can't walk with the world, and claim that you are saved. These are simple Words that are very hard for some people to accept. For they are used to the things of life, there possessions. These possessions will be taken away in an instant! I know you cannot comprehend what I am saying, but you will - when it happens!

I am going to strip this world naked, and I am going to make you look at your nakedness with the Shame. I want you to see your Shame! I want you to see your Sin! For some of you, it will be nothing. For you are righteous, you are clean, and there is nothing to expose. For the rest of you; you will see with clarity your nakedness, your dirtiness. You believe you can do what you want with the things I have given you, and run and play with the devil. I will allow you to do what you want, but I will have the final Word.

I see, and I hear people who are lesbians welcomed in the White House with opened arms. I see, and I hear the revolting things that these women do. I see, and I hear the revolting things that homosexuals do. Yes they are having fun; they are having pleasure, but there will come a time I will strip them naked before Me; and I will show them their Shame!

This Country - and other Countries, that have lost all their Morals, all their values are going to see the Wrath of God. But the leaders who allow; who encourage such acts; I am going to stump them with the Heel of My Shoe, and grind their heads into the ground. Any leader, any person, who encourages such a thing will be hearing from Me.

I created a beautiful man in My Image. I created a woman for his partner, so the both could become one. With the help of the devil, with the help of the wickedness of man; they made dirty; they made evil; what I made beautiful in the beginning. People of the world must be really blind to believe that I do not see these things. But I tell you as My Name is Jehovah, with My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, with the Power of the Holy Spirit; your President or any President who allows such things will see the Heel of My Shoe.

We are not playing games. This is not a fun and game thing! But there is a win and lose situation. The union between a man and a woman is sacred. It was made for a man an a wife, with the husband at the head, in union with his wife. Both of them working as a unit. Why is that so hard to understand? But I tell you people of the world; that the time of your fun and games is almost over. For My Heel is ready too. With one Breath - things will begin to happen, and I will begin to clean this filthy little planet that you call earth.

But My Eyes see what is clean; what is righteous; what is pure, I know My Followers, My Lambs, My Sheep, and I will protect them. No matter what happens, I am going to save them from what is dirty; from what is evil. This planet is going to be ravished beyond your comprehension to the point that you wished you were not born. The devil is going to be locked up with all of his people. You think I am kidding? Keep doing what you are doing, and We will see who becomes the winner. You have not seen Power. You have not seen Anger. You have not seen Wrath, until you have seen the cleansing of this world.

I tell you this from the Lips of Jehovah, from the Lips of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, from the Lips of the Holy Spirit. We are not playing your dirty game. I am telling My prophet Reymundo to type up this prophecy today because the urgency of this message must be sent out to My Lambs, My Sheep, for We are closer each day to the abyss.

And My Sheep and My Lambs, you better wake up. You better do more than you have been doing. You better pray. You better evangelize, for your leaders are not doing their jobs. Did you hear My Words? I want you to go door to door, anywhere, where you work - tell anybody, and everybody that you know: "That your Lord and Savior is Coming with the Wrath and the Vengeance of God." So be it! So be it! So be it! (over)
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