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Wednesday 20th of June 2018

1186. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 6 August 1998 at 8:30 AM

I had a Word from the Lord describing the advertising of the prophecies.

The Lord said, "The Prophecies are like Salmon swimming up stream to spawn, fighting the obstacles and the elements of the earth, and of the world. But once they reach their destination and they spawn; they produce hundred, two hundred, three hundred fold. And the movement of the Salmon are the Christians, the believers, who push, who help, who advertise the Prophecies as they fight the world to reach their spawning grounds." (over)

Note: If you would like to be part of the Lord's advertising, you can send copies the prophecies to your church and friends or download the press release with a copy of the min-Prophecy Book and mail it; to your local newspapers or television stations. Or if you would like just to help in the financing this ministry mail your support to the address below.


1179. Vision and Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 15 July 1998 at 2:45 PM

Sound 1179

The 1179 sound clip is about one minute (113 KB) from my original micro cassette recording tape. Run test first at: sound.htm to see if your sound set up works first. There is some background noise on this file. This Prophecy Sound clip is in English. Read the text below as you listen to the sound clip for best results.

A sound card, a 14.4 or 28.8 Modem on your computer, and the RealAudio Player is needed to hear the sound clip. To download the RealAudio Player click on Icon.

The Lord gave me a vision of a free standing mirror. The mirror was folded horizontally into, where it could reflect upon itself.


Then the Lord gave me the Word: "The mirror will fold upon itself and the Glory and Power and the Majesty of Jehovah God with not only reflect upon itself, but on the universe; time and time again until infinity!" (over)


Then the Lord said, "My Holy Hill is Holy; for I am Holy, yesterday, today, and tomorrow." (over)

Note: The Lord has been giving me this, "My Holy Hill is Holy; for I am Holy", three or four times for the past week and I have not recorded it, but during those occasions the Lord’s Word did not have, "yesterday, today, and tomorrow", at the end of it. For some reason I believe it has to do with my visit to old Jerusalem where I anointed Mount Zion. See Occurrence #1085.


1176. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 5 June 1998 at 5:35 PM. in Spanish

Remember the Carpenter. Do you remember the Carpenter? The One, who changed everything. The One, who changed all of the Spirit, all of the world, all of Heaven. Remember the Carpenter! If you open the Bible, you can read about the Carpenter. Yes - all that the Carpenter did - is in the Bible. Why, why, why! Why - because everything became filthy. The Carpenter corrected all that was filthy and He made it clean.

Yes, there is the Carpenter with his outreached Hands ready to hug you, and to give you a Kiss. Did you hear Me? Here comes the Lips of the Carpenter. For if you are clean; you can hug Him; you can Kiss Him! Yes, yes and He will make you a House. With the Hands of the Carpenter, He will build you a very large House in Heaven. Yes, My sons and daughters! There it is all straight and pointed. Hurry read the Bible from the beginning to the end.

Hey - how is it going with the things of God. The Carpenter knows for all that is of the Father is of the Carpenter. Did you hear Me with your ears? You can see with your eyes all what it says in the Bible, but you have to open it with your hands. Yes - it has arrived - the day of the Carpenter. (over)

1175. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 5 June 1998 at 4:42 PM. in Spanish

The House of God is very hard! Yes! The House of God is very hard! And all that is not Mine, I am going to kill and I am going to put it in the jail, the Jail of God. But you have to read the Bible to know what I am telling you. For if you do not read the Bible from one point until the end - you are not going to know! Read about the Jail of God. Where I place them - those that I kill. Clearly it is there in the Bible, the Jail of God.

I know the problems you have Reymundo! I know that the devil is mad! But all will go well to the point. No one can stop the Word of God! When I say it - it begins the righteous things, the things pointed with the Force of the Holy Spirit. Yes! The things I tell you and things you have; have the Force of God. That is why the devil hits you. For he believes he can stop you! But you know and I know, that he has already lost the war. But the day is coming, that I am going to place him in the Jail with the chains. Yes! I am going to tie him from the neck to his feet. Yes! I am going to tie him like a dog! But there comes the day that I am going to let him loose. Did you hear Me, Reymundo? I am going to let him loose for a short time. Then I am going to hit him on top of his head with a hammer! Then I am going to kill him for all the time that there is time.

He believes, he has the nerve to stop the Word of God. But I, with My Son, with the Holy Spirit - We have the Force of Force, and he is nothing! He believes he "is", but you and I know he is nothing. I am going to stop him like a fly. Did you hear Me, Reymundo? Point everything the manner of God, and all will go well. But I want you to open your eyes and your ears, for I am going to send you your wife. Did you hear Me? Here she comes with the love of God. And here comes THE END of all that you know, of all that you touch, of all that you see. Here comes THE END of the world, to the point, to the time of God, to the minute of God.

The world is all closed. For the devil closed the eyes, closed the ears, closed the heart of all who are in the world, with all that is bad, with all that is of the devil. And he believes he has won, but he knows nothing! For Reymundo with My Word, with your help - We are going to tell the whole world the Word of God. And I do not care, if they cry, if they scream, if they throw stones at you. For I am going to clean all! All that is bad and I am going to correct it! And I am going to hit all that is filthy with My Hand. For here comes "The End".

My Angels are ready! My Son is ready! The Holy Spirit is ready! We just have to awaken the Body of God with the Force of God. But all will go well My son; like I told you years ago. I know that you have suffered. I know your tears. I know your heart. But all that I give you is from God, the love, the affection, the kisses come from the Lips of God. Hurry rest a little bit, but I want you to start once again. I will send you the money that you need. I will send you the strength that you need. I will send you the wife that you need. I will send the Angels that you will need. With the Blood of My Son, with the Word of God, with the Force of the Holy Spirit, We are going to finish all that We have started. Did you hear Me, Reymundo? These are the Words of God with the Lips of Love of all that is good, of all that is correct. (over)

1174. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 3 June 1998 at 9:15 PM. in English

Ring the Bell! Ring the Bell!

The time is here for bringing the saints together.

Ring the Bell!

For the calamity before you will be unbelievable; will be direct; will be to the point!

Ring the Bell! Ring the Bell!

For the hour and the day have been appointed.

Ring the Bell! Ring the Bell!

The darkness will befall the planet, when the moon and the sun are lined up one before the other at that point in time.

Ring the Bell! Ring the Bell!

The hour and the day is here.

Ring the Bell! Ring the Bell!

If you love your life, you will lose it.

Ring the Bell! Ring the Bell!

If you hate your life you will find it.

Ring the Bell! Ring the Bell!

Each day that goes by will be a blessing.

Ring the Bell!

For there will come a day when the blessing will end. Did you hear what I have said to the point? Come! Open your Bibles and read from the beginning to the end. Read every Word! Remember as much as you can! For the easy life, the easy days are going to leave you. You will be left empty. You will be left helpless if you do not read the Bible from the beginning to the end.

Remember the antichrist.

Remember the false prophet.

Remember your arch enemy, Satan, the devil. Who has his fangs focused at your throat with pleasure to lick your blood.

Remember the Bible.

Remember My Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. For the days that will befall this little planet will be the worst than man has ever seen.

Remember! The end is before you.

Remember the ten virgins.

Remember the watch tower.

Remember the seeds that fell on good soil.

Remember all that is before you! The weather will change more. More people will die by earthquake, by changes in the weather.

Remember the birth pains of change.

Remember My children, I will never desert you, but the fulfillment of prophecy is coming to bear. The focus of the devil is going to become more clear in the coming years, but remember no matter what happens I am with you.

Remember plant the seeds! Plant the seeds!

Remember that mustard seed. Remember the mustard seed.

Help those who need help. Take care of the sick. Take care of the wounded. Focus your eyes, your ears, your heart, and your spirit only toward My Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. In that way you will find salvation. You will find Me, Jehovah. For man will disappoint you. For man will take you through the wide gate. Many will seek Me. Many will not find Me. Go through the narrow gate. It might be bumpy. It might be hard. But salvation is close at hand. Bring the Body together and help each other with the Love of Christ, with Love of Jesus, with the Love of the Holy Spirit, which means the Love of Jehovah.

Make yourself strong! Make yourself bold! Be radical for Jesus! Be firm! Be righteous! Be clean! All will go well.

Remember I love you! Remember I love you! Remember I love you!

My Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, will be at the proper time; at the proper place; with the Power of the Holy Spirit. Try and try and try to be clean, to be righteous. Repent of your sins. And I will do the rest! (over)
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