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PROPHECIES 1998 | Page 6
Thursday 21st of June 2018

1154. Prophecy and Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 2 March 1998 at 8:00 AM

The Lord gave Me a vision of a self-inking rubber stamp, during prayer time with a brother in Christ. Then the next morning the Lord explained the meaning of the rubber stamp. That Carl was Marked as His (the Lord’s). He explained what the rubber stamp meant; that He was beginning to mark or separate His Lambs or Flock. The Lord also said, Christian around the world would begin to see and have dreams about rubber stamps or being Marked by God or set aside by the Lord. (over)

Comments: I could use some more prayers - the warfare has really increased and I am having a hard time sleeping. I find myself in constant prayer. I feel like I am going out of my mind at times. The devil has been putting lot of pressure on me! And now, I hear my dad is sick again! I plan on going to see and pray for him today.


1151. Prophecy and Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 27 February 1998 at 11:45 PM

I had a vision of an enormous battle in the spirit. I have no idea where, in the spirit or if it is around me or somewhere else, but it involves riders on horses. They are coming at each other with great power. I can actually feel or sense this enormous power of good and evil fighting to their maximum; without either of them falling back a micro centimeter. I wonder if this is how it is going to be at the end of this little planet. For there is no way of describing such power hitting each other. If only the people of God could see this, they would most certainly stop "playing church". For sure - the perspective of the leadership would change. (over)

Prophecy translated from Spanish:

How is it going? How is it going My son? I know the fighting that is happening the in spirit. It is Hard and it is Pointed. Yes! Do you know why? For the fighting that is happening around you - the devil has the mind, that he wants to kill you. And he wants to push the force of the demons on top of you. But My Angels are there, all there - around you fighting with the Force of God. For I told you many years ago, that I was going to protect you. That nothing was going to happen to you. This is the Truth! For I do not lie! All is Correct - All is to the Point!

I know that some times you do not believe Me, but this is the Truth! All is going to Happen Exactly to the Point like I told you many years ago. And all of the promises that I told you - are going to come to the Point! I know that you do not believe this - this minute - what I am telling you! But it is the TRUTH! I Love you much, My Reymundo, and I know that you do not believe Me right now. But this is the Truth! That is the way of man, but the things of God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit - are CORRECT AND TO THE POINT!

Sometimes people die. And sometimes many people die. But the thing is - some things happen - and I let them happen. But the Truth is the Truth; and is I am there! If it is in the world that people are living or the world where they are dead or in the world of the spirit - I am everywhere protecting what is Mine. It is not important in which world they are in - I protect what is Mine! And I bury - what is NOT! All will go right.

I know that you do not have worries now. For now, you know that you have more Force, than you believed you had. I showed you WELL. I know that you suffered much to learn these things that I have just told you - that I showed you - and that have happened! We have many things yet to do, My Reymundo. The world is going to become hotter for the things that are bad. Some things have just started, but there are many things that are going to happen - that still have not begun. And all of the climate is going to change, and earthquakes. Yes! There is going to much suffering in this world.

But if you (people) are strong in the Father, in the Son, Jesus, and with the Holy Spirit. You (people) can pass through these things with the Force of God. But if you (people) live in the world, and you (people) believe in the world. I am going to BURY you (people) in the PIT with the devil. And it does not hurt Me - to say these Words. For what is Mine, I protect! And what is not! I am going to BURY in the PIT!! And I do not care if you are the President or if you are a man who cleans toilets. I look at the heart. I look at the heart. Did you hear Me? I look at the heart! If you (people) seek out My Son Jesus, if you read the Bible, if you (people) have the Communion, if you (people) help the brothers and sisters that need help - I tell you CLEARLY AND I TELL YOU TO THE POINT! The devil cannot do a thing!

Yes! I know that your heart is hurting (Reymundo), but that is nothing; you are going to live, and all will go right! But the devil is not going to live, he is going to go to the PIT! Do you know what I have told you? Do you know these things differently? You are going to live! And he is going to the PIT! This is CORRECT AND TO THE POINT!

Here comes the day of "Fright" for the world. Yes! I know - the DATE, to the POINT!! But it gives Me Joy, My son - that you are stronger, but I know that your heart is hurting. But it is going to go well, My son. All will go well. Just stand on top of the Rock of My Son Jesus and you can see all of your Father, with My Son, and the Holy Spirit - is going to do. He is going to clean all that is filthy. Open the Word with the Force of the Holy Spirit. I tell you the Truth, My beloved. Arm yourself, and I will tell you more on another day to the point the Manner of God. (over)


1150. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 24 February 1998 at 10:45 PM. in Spanish

I am, I am My son. I am the Boat, I am the Boat of Heaven. I know that the water is very hard, and very high for you right now. And it is hitting the Boat very fast, but - do not worry for all will go well. For I knew, that the devil was planning all that happened yesterday. For many weeks, he was gathering the things to hit you with. But I knew, that you were on top of the Rock of God, of My Son. I know that you fell.

I know that your heart is hurting. The devil wants to kill you. He wants to kill you this year. For he knows, that the Word that you have placed on your computer is going to all parts of the world. And that people have a hunger to hear the Word of God. He wants to stop you, Reymundo! He and all of his soldiers are pointed to kill you. He has a hunger for your blood. For he KNOWS, that if he stops you, he will stop many, who are seeking God, and many who want to hear the Word of God. That is why, he is hitting you.

And that is why, he hit your friend. Your friend is not doing the things of God. He wants to use her to hit you. I know that you are broken. You are broken, but he is not going to stop you. For I know all that is going to happen to the point. Did you hear Me, My son?

There is going to be a river - and this river is going to branch out to the left and to the right. I want you to go to the right side of the branch. But you have to wait - and I will tell you what you are going to do - and when you are going to do it. The devil is very mad with you. The war of the spirit is very large right now around you! They want to stop you, like I have told you! They want to kill you! For they know - that if they stop you or kill you. They can stop the Word of God! I am not going to let them stop the Word.

I told you, when We started - that you were not going to stop. You are going to finish the walk, that I told, and that I have given you. Yes, My Reymundo! I Love you with all of My Heart! But the road is some times very difficult. I know that you cry, and that you burn, but look - the world is going to end. And We have to do some work. Just point your nose toward the Father, the Son, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. And all will go well.

There are many people who are looking at you. They want to know what you are going to do. If you are going to fall. If you are going to lift yourself up. You do not know - what I know! People radiate in their heart for God, who made all, with His Word, with His Hand, with the Force of the Holy Spirit. All will go well, My son.

Make yourself strong for here comes the devil again! But he is not going to stop you. For I know - what is going to happen. Yes, My son, I tell you with the Lips of Heaven. I tell you with the Arms of Heaven. When you get to Heaven, I am going to Hug you! I am going to Kiss you! For no one believed - that you could do - what you are doing! Not even you - believed it! But you are doing it!

I know that you feel alone, but I am going to give the wife that I told you about. So she can help you in the manner of God. I know - for I know what is going to happen. Wipe (clean) your tears, and make yourself strong! For here comes the devil with fighting on his mind. Did you hear Me? But do not worry, for I have My Angels around you. And this minute They are fighting with the demons of the devil, but nothing is going to happen. But I know - what is going to happen with the devil, to the day, to the minute, to the point. He cannot stop the Word of God! Make yourself strong, My son, My beautiful one, My beloved. (over)


1148. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 6 February 1998 at 9:30AM. in Spanish

Forgive, the nun. Forgive, the nun. Forgive, the nun. For her eyes are going to radiate (burn), are going to radiate (burn) with the Flame of God. Yes, yes, forgive the nun. It has arrived the days of the eyes. (over)

1147. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 2 February 1998 at 1:10 AM. in Spanish

My son, My son, My son, the hunger of the tiger is big. Yes! The hunger of the snake is big too! The both of them are pointed. The two of them are waiting! The two of them are waiting for the devil. But they believe, they can awaken the things of the world, but all is beneath My Finger. I tell you to the point. I tell you the things of God.

It has arrived, the pencil. Yes, the pencil that is going to write, that is going to begin the war to the point. I tell you correctly! I tell you to the point! All of the world, all of the religions believe they know it all - to save the body. But they do not know, that the Father, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit is there in front of their noses. They cannot see with their eyes the things of God, but all is beneath the Finger of God.

It has arrived the Word of God. I tell you these things straight and in the manner of God. But if you hear Me or not, this is not going to change a single letter, a single point of what I tell you. It is the truth. They believe they know it all, but they know nothing. They know nothing, for the things of God, are the things of God, and the mind of man is the mind of man. The two things are not the same!

Like I have told you, there some who hug the Word of God. There are others that cry. There are others that get mad, when they hear the Word of God. But I know, that all will go - like the way I put it - to the Point! And it has arrived the Force of God in the Manner of God. I know this minute - what you are thinking, when read and hear these Words. For I read your heart, and I know if you are going to cry. If you are going to get mad or if it is going to give you joy! All that happens in your life, I know it. But what I say - and in the manner that I tell you - are going to be the things of God - with the Force of God.

But if you do not seek My Son Jesus, you are going to be blind, and you are not going to be able to see in front of your nose. Read the Bible and Pray - for My Son is ready. Did you hear Me? Did you hear Me? This is your Father, with the Son, and the Holy Spirit telling you the things of Heaven. (over)

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