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PROPHECIES 1999 | Page 5
Wednesday 20th of June 2018

1388. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 1 August 1999 at 10:20 AM.

The Lord said the Letter, "Y".


1382. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 30 July 1999 at 12:15 AM

During prayer I asked the Lord about going to the Old City of Jerusalem and the Lord said, "You can go to these places to look, but why seek the traditions of a dead culture. He who picks up the plow does not look back. Seek the things of the new covenant not of the old."


After dinner we walked through the Old City and ended up at the Western Wall and the Lord said, "Why, Why, Why!".

The Lord said this in a very disgusted tone almost as if I could see Him shake His head as He said it. I do not remember the whole conversation, but I became very frightened at His tone and I wanted to run out of there as fast as I could, but we had lost Carl. Carl had left us and began to mingle with the hundreds Jewish people worshipping at the Western Wall. I am not very tall and I looked and looked, but I could not see Carl anywhere.

I was very frightened and said to the Lord, "We cannot leave - Carl has the car keys and he is inside the men's section at the Western Wall!"

Then the Lord said, "Sit there and wait for Carl with your back to the Western Wall and DO NOT LOOK BACK! DO NOT COME BACK HERE AGAIN!!!"

Comments: I had no idea what I had walked into by going to the Western Wall, but the Lord was really mad with me. I felt at one point the Lord was going to kill me - right there on the spot. There seems to be some unresolved issues between the Jewish people and the Lord and somehow I walked into the middle of something. Finally Carl returned and I told him what the Lord had said and we left there as fast as we could. I will never forget how helpless I felt that night, the Lord was saying to leave and Carl was nowhere to be found. My heart was racing a million miles per hour during that encounter.


1378. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 28 July 1999

During prayer the Lord said, "The blessing are going to stop!"


Then later the Lord showed me the letter "S" and the letters "US".


Then I saw an outside round planter box with a tree in it. I noticed that the small tree had no leaves. Then the tree began to grow and grow and it blossomed. It looked like it grew from about 2 feet to 6 feet.

Prophecy at 8:30 PM:

I was really feeling sick this evening and Carl and Mark prayed for me and the Lord said, "It is the enemy who made you sick because you were so bold in Anointing the walls of the Siq. Because of your boldness all of their god spirits got mad".

Then the Lord said, "A three strand rope is hard to break".

Then later during prayer, we prayed for the Lord's protection for the three of us, and the Lord said, "Stay away from mushrooms!"

I was really feeling ill during this time and Carl and Mark left me at the Hotel and they set out for the Old City of Jerusalem. They told me that they had Anointed the Old City walls outside the Dome of the Rock. Then they prayed at a walkway near the Golden Gate.


1377. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 27 July 1999 at 11:56 PM. in Spanish

Hear Me, my son! Hear the things of God! Yes - the end has arrived. All the things I have said to you. They have arrived! The world is going to become red. All is going to stop! Yes! But I am going to save all that is Mine, all the animals, all the saints, all that is Mine. I am going to save with My Hand, with My Son.

It gives My Eyes tears to see the way people treat the animals that I made for them. It hurts My Heart. It hurts Me the way people treat their children. It hurts Me the way people treat their brothers and sisters.

My Heart is crying and crying and crying for the bad I see in the world. I send and I send My Word and no one hears Me. I send the Word to the churches and they shut their eyes and their ears. I send the Word to all the countries and no one wants to hear Me. And My Heart cries and cries and cries with tears for all the evil My eyes see.

It has arrived, My son - "The End." You have finished what I have said to do. You have gone around and you have prayed and have poured the oil in the points that I have told you. Now I am going to begin the "The End". I am going to begin My New Church. Yes! The Church that hears Me! The Church that Cries with Me! The Church that takes My Hand. The Church that takes My Words - The Church of Love - The Church of God.

Reymundo, you do not know how much it hurts My Heart of all the evil I see. It hurts Me so much! I am tired of crying for all the evil I see in this world. All of the sins that man does day and night - day and night - I see sin and sin and sin. I am tired My son. I am very tired! But the Day of the End has arrived. It has arrived. I am going to stop the sin! I am going to stop the devil. I am going to stop man with the Force of the Holy Spirit. I tell you the Truth! - with the Blood of My Son, with the Word of God. It has arrived, the Force of God. I know - that the world is not going to hear you, Reymundo. They do not want to hear the Word of God, but "The End" has arrived! And it is not important to Me if they believe you or not. For I am going to stop all that is filthy all that is evil. For I am tired of crying.

My thanks for doing what I have said. My Thanks, Reymundo - rest My son, I know that you are tired. Rest, for We have more things to do. Thanks My little son, My beautiful. (over)


1368. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 23 July 1999 at 5:10 AM.

During prayer the Lord said, "Life is like an olive. It has a pit!" (over)

Vision: Then the Lord gave me a vision of a Chemist's balance scale.

Prophecy: Then the Lord said, "Stay balanced and focused! Anoint one another and remember what I said, 'What comes up, comes down - it will be from everlasting to everlasting, forever - the building blocks of the New Temple - so be diligent, wise, strong and brave, and be wise as serpents."

The Lord was telling us, that it was crucial that we focus ourselves.

Prophecy: Then the Lord said, "There is a battle going on in the heavens for what we are doing."

Vision: Then I was given a vision of the letter "M".

Prophecy: It stands for the Marriage of the Lamb - It is getting prepared.

Vision: Then I saw a battle in heaven and I saw two forces hitting each other with a great Force!

Prophecy: Then the Lord said, "Go north!"

Vision: Then I saw the visions of a single talon of a claw, a harp-like instrument, and then an insect staring right at me.

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