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Saturday 19th of January 2019

1565. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 12 December 2000 at 12:55 AM. in Spanish.

I know, I know My son. I know the climate - the climate is going to change. All, to the point! Here comes the Day of God. Here comes the day of the devil. All will go well. Point your nose toward heaven with all of the force that you have, with your heart. All will go well! Yes, here comes the boat, the boat of God. Yes, the boat is going to arrive to the point.

There is going to be the mister (señor) that is going to fight with an airplane and with this airplane, he is going to throw a bomb. And this bomb is going to hit a mister (a second señor), who he wants to kill with the force of the devil to the point. For this mister (second señor) does not want to do his (the first señor's) manner. He (second señor) seeks the correct manner, but this mister (first señor) is going to kill him with the bomb, with the airplane to the point.

Yes, My son, it has arrived the day of the end. The things of heaven are going to go to the point. Do not worry about the money. Do not worry about your wife. Do not worry about the manner of man, of the Presidents, of the pastors. For all of the Words I have told you for years and years - now! They are going pass to the point. Yes, in the ground of My Son. Yes, where He was born. It is going to become very hot. Yes!

But here comes the devil. Here comes the mister (first señor) of the devil. Yes My son, write it down with your computer, and tell the world that here comes the devil with his teeth pointed. What a shame! That people do not believe you! But I am going to send you some soldiers to help you, Reymundo! They are going to help you with money, with the Mind of God, with the Spirit of God to the point. All will go well, for I protect what is Mine! Did you hear Me? I protect what is Mine! Hurry (come on now!) sleep and rest. Hurry (come on now!)


1562. Prophecy and Dream given to Raymond Aguilera on 22 November 2000 at 8:30 AM.

The Lord gave me four separate dreams and a prophecy. The first dream began on the top floor of a three-story building. I could see these three soldiers looking out of the top floor. I guess they were in a war of some kind, for they were in some kind of military mode. Then the image changed and I could only see one soldier in the room of the top floor, but this time the one soldier was wrapped up like a mummy with gray duct tape. Then I saw another soldier (wearing the same type of uniform) sneaking in and crawling on his stomach from the other room with a knife in his hand. It looked like he was going to stab the other soldier that was wrapped up like a mummy. But before he was able to stab this soldier, other soldiers came in and stopped him. Then the first dream stopped.

Second Dream:

Then the Second Dream began with the same soldier in the same upper room. This time other soldiers asked the same soldier (from the first dream) to lay down and be taped up with duct tape - and he was wrapped and taped up. He was going to be stabbed, but he did not know it, for the other soldiers told him it was going to be an exercise of some sort. But before the killer soldier began to crawl on his stomach toward this wrapped soldier, the wrapped soldier's wife walked in the room and went to the head of her husband. As she was comforting her husband, she saw from the corner of her eye the killer soldier crawl toward them on his stomach. The killer stopped and the dream stopped.

Third Dream:

I could see the same soldier again, but this time he was in the kitchen with other soldiers who were trying to persuade him to be taped up with duct tape. He did not want to, but later he agreed and he began to walk toward the living room. As he walked toward the living room he noticed that his right hand was bleeding and that he was missing three fingers. He lifted his left hand and opened it and noticed that he was holding the missing three fingers in the palm of his left hand. Then the dream stopped.

Forth Dream:

In the forth dream, I saw this same soldier wrapped up with duct tape again on the living room floor on the top floor of this three story building. As I watched I could see a video camera mounted in the upper corner of the room and recording everything. Then again, I could see this killer soldier crawling on his belly toward the wrapped up soldier, but this time he stabbed this wrapped up soldier dead. And the video camera recorded the whole thing.


Then the Lord said, "Al Gore is trying to kill the military vote!" (over)


1558. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 25 October 2000 at 8:45 AM

Dim lights

The hammer will strike the anvil at three and mark My Words! The hammer will strike the anvil at three. Push the button, they will say, "Push the button, they will say. Now is the time to push the button. Vengeance is mine! Vengeance is mine! Vengeance is mine! Push the button! Push the button!"

All will come down. All will be in ruins. "Push the button! Push the button!" That's the way it will be when Paris will fall. "Push the button!" Paris and it's people will be destroyed, for the madman has total control of the button. Mark My Words, place it on your calendar - the day that the button is pushed will start the beginning of the end. It will become a day of mourning, a day of evil, a day of celebration, a day of the end. For what I stated will come to be, exactly at three o'clock. For the hour and the day will manifest the beginning of the end, on the day of the storm, when the lighting will strike, when the wind will blow, when the finger will push the button. Remember My Words, the button is there, the finger is there, the evil is there. The end is there. So saith Jehovah with the Power of My Word. The day has come. (over)


1557. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 22 October 2000 at 11:15 PM

I am going to strike Kenneth Copeland down by his own words. He has wrapped his own tongue around his own neck. From dust he came and to dust he will return. What a shame! What a shame! So say it, Jehovah.


Then I saw a lizard looking animal swallow a man headfirst.


Then the Lord said, "Do not worry about sending out this prophecy, Reymundo. For I am your shield now and forever".


1556. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 17 October 2000 at 2:15 AM in Spanish

Dim lights

How are you My son? How are you? I have not spoken to you for many days. Yes, I have shown you things in the spirit, but we have not spoken like We used to speak. I know that you have a lot of work. I know that you are tired and I know that you are waiting for Me. Yes, Reymundo, We have to do many things, in the spirit and in the body (flesh).

The time has now arrived, that I told you many years ago. The Day, that was going to come - the Day of hunger. Yes, here comes the Day of hunger. The People of the world aren't going to believe you, but they are going to be frightened. You know and I know - that all is going like I planned it. Yes, all is going to go exactly and to the point.

I tell you these things because there are those brothers and sisters that are seeking you with the fever of God. They want to speak with you, but the thing is My son - I have to say the manner of the Word of God, and the manner of the Word of God - people do not believe. They want to ask you, the things of man. They want to know the things of man, but their hearts do not seek the manner of the Father, the manner of the Son, and the manner of the Holy Spirit. Because all of the pastors have shown them, people and My sheep, to seek the manner of man. What a shame! For they do not know how to seek the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. What a shame!

The man that I earlier told you about, years ago, that wants to eat the world, he is now ready. Yes, My son, he is ready! He has the fever of the devil. He wants to eat all that is good. He seeks and likes women. He likes money. He likes the things of the devil. He is going to frighten the Body of My Son, but they are so blind and deaf. They wouldn't know Me if I walked into their churches. They would throw stones at Me too. That’s the way the things of man are. They are filthy, but I am going to correct everything My son, with My Word, and with the Holy Spirit.

Yes. All of the Words you have written with your mouth, with your hand are going come, to the point. Many people are going to say "Aye! They are not clear! They are not straight in the manner of God". They are going to do this and that - that is because they are seeking the word of man. That's all that they know! They would not recognize the Word of God, if it hit them on top of their heads. But that is another manner and another manner of the devil. He does not want people to seek Me.

You My son, I know that you are very tired. I know that your body hurts, your eyes, and your hands. I am going to correct all. I am going to send you the money that you will need. I am going to send you the strength, for I know what is going to happen. Here comes the time, which they are going to seek you out, like I mentioned to you earlier. Some are going to cry, others are going to get angry, others are going to want to kiss and hug you. Remember there are My Angels with you, I do not want you to open your mouth. I do not want you to say anything, when the people of the churches seek you out. For the problems are Mine, not yours! You cannot correct a thing, but I - I can correct all to the point. Did you hear Me, My son? I - the Father, with the Son and the Holy Spirit, We can correct everything.

My thanks, for all of the work - and all the things that I promised, I am going to give you. I have heard your tears and I know that you have sweated with the work that you have done for Me. That is why I love you, My son, for the heart, for the sweat, for the love, for the flame of God. Come on now, sleep and rest. I will tell you what you have to do tomorrow to the point. (over)


1554. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 7 October 2000 at 5:20 PM

Listen Reymundo, the world is going to bow down to Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, for all that you see is going to stop to the point. Watch out, for the Body of My Son is going to come after you with a vengeance. But do not worry for you are in My Hands. For I am the corrector, the breaker, of the universe.

For the forces on the planet are assembling and moving into their positions with power and force. There is going to be a fire in a certain large city that will be a sign to you My son, that what I have said is all the truth. Be careful for the Body of My Son is going to try to entrap you. So I want you just to say nothing, for it is My Battle, not yours. I will correct it with My Powerful Hand. They are a stiff necked and hardheaded people. But Like I said, "No matter what they say - you keep quite".

Thank you, for all of the good work and We will speak again. Your Loving Father Jehovah, with Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit telling you the wisdom of Heaven.


1552. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 1 October 2000

During prayer the Lord said, "The fish of Jonah is coming!"

This made me wonder if I was going to be eaten by the fish of Jonah, so I asked the Lord.

Then the Lord said, "No! The fish of Jonah is going to eat the church of God."

Vision: on 2 October 2000

The Lord showed me a vision of the continent of South America.

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