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PROPHECIES 2005 | Page 2
Saturday 21st of July 2018

1822. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 9 June 2005 at 6:40 PM

All Glory and Honor, all Glory and Honor go to the Father Jehovah. All Glory and Honor goes to the Father Jehovah. Peace My Children, Peace. There is a Calamity before you. There is going to be tensions around the world, - some political, some with the gun, some with the bomb; people will die. As you look around you, you see people getting used to people dieing in Afghanistan, and in Iraq. It is not such a bad thing anymore. People become complacent to war. They get complacent to peace. But there is a Calamity waiting around the corner. The Calamity will be, what some believe, a righteous thing, but in the long run it will be the end of the end. People will dedicate their lives to this event. People will eventually die. So be it! So be it!

Open your eyes, open your ears. The Ways of God are not the ways of man. Some people look to the sky, to the heavens, for answers. Some look to the Bible for answers. Some just cover their eyes and hope it all goes away. Everything has been set, everything has been placed in motion, everything is moving to the final end.


1821. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 7 June 2005 at 12:10 AM

There is a Hunter out there, who is a fly; he is searching for the Lord’s Food. When he finds it he rejoices, but all he does is pollute it.

1818. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 22 April 2005 at 5:50 AM

Vision 5:30 AM:

I was sound asleep upstairs in bed, when the Lord awoke me and gave me this vision. The Lord took me high into outer space in the spirit and as I looked down, I saw the United States.  I saw the United States being stretched out from the east and west coasts. It looked like a rubber map of the United States being stretched outwardly.

Afterwards, I could not get back to sleep.  So I decided to go downstairs and pray, and during this prayer time the Lord began to speak to me.  So I quickly picked up my small tape recorder and recorded the Lord’s prophecy as He spoke. At the beginning of the recording I am trying to wake up, so it might be hard to hear.

Listen to Prophecy Recording:

I find it easier to read the text as I hear the mp3 sound file.


As a pencil comes to a point, so will the United States be stretched. From the east coast, to the west coast, the country will be stretched like a rubber band. People will be complaining about everything, politics to religion, to when the sun comes up. The evil forces will stretch this country.  The only thing that will hold it together is Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Father Jehovah.


1811. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 2 February 2005 at 11 PM

I am, I am, I am what you see.  I am what you touch. I am what you dream. I am the invisible. I am the real.  Everything that could possibly be, I am. Mankind has traveled through the ages, with knowledge, with wisdom, with evil, with death. Man has been contaminated for many years; the devil introduced him. Man has enjoyed sin since its conception. There are many kinds of sins. There are times that the devil sets plans and encourages man’s minds and spirits to follow his plans and schemes of the devil. And there are times when man on his own develops these evil ideas and follows his own path. The path that leads to death, that leads to Gehenna. You asked me about Auschwitz, why the Jews died in these concentration camps? Why I let it happen? Why I didn’t do a thing to stop it?

It all began with a plan of a sick man, who wanted to be king, king of the world. This man didn’t do anything different that others haven’t tried, but he heard voices. These voices were from the devil, and he listened, and the devil spoke. At first this man didn’t believe the voices, he thought he was mad. His name was Hitler. He was evil. He was sick. He listened to the devil. The devil told him things about himself, about other people, about power, about murder, about blackmail. Before long this man, this Hitler made a pact, you could say a covenant, with the devil, but it was unspoken. The devil was very clever with this man. He manipulated him even though he spoke to his mind, to his spirit. The more he spoke, the more this man believed he could do anything. That he was a genius.

The devil had an agenda. The agenda was to interfere with your Father Jehovah’s Plan with the Jews. He had made a covenant, He had sent the Messiah. Some of the Jews believed and some did not, but the Plan of God was developing according to the Prophecies of the Bible. And the devil could see the end before him. It made him mad every time he saw the Power of God grow through the fulfillment of Prophecies. He (the devil) remembered Peter. He remembered Paul. He remembered Jehovah’s Plan, Jesus’ Plan, and it made him MAD! He placed these thoughts into this little German man with a big ego and he turned his heart against the Jewish people.

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