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Prophecies, Visions, Occurrences and Dreams | Page 7
Thursday 21st of June 2018

66. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 27 May 1992 at 4 PM.

I cannot even explain it, I saw a flash of light in the Spirit, or in the flesh. I was lying down praying and resting. When some sort of light hit my hands that were together, then the light hit me in the mouth. It was just a flash, a microsecond in time. I don't understand the meaning.

67. Vision given on 27 May 1992 about 8 PM. Wednesday in church.

I saw a long table with people sitting across from each other. Then a white sheet went up in the middle of the table separating the people, that were facing each other. All of a sudden the people on the right side of the table were covered with this white sheet and changed into white horses. Then the next thing I saw were these same white horses racing each other. They were all running side by side as fast as they could, neck to neck and nose to nose. The next scene the same white horses were walking in a single file into the sky, or maybe into Heaven, I don't know which.

68. Prophecy given Raymond Aguilera on the 28 May 1992 Thursday at 2:15 AM. in tongues, Spanish, English, non-understandable tongues.

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Seed, seed...

non-understandable tongues?


Seed, seed..

non-understandable tongues?



I want you to listen, to discern, to judge, to judge and dissect every Prophecy. To dissect and discern every Prophecy, for the Word of God Jehovah is Truth, Righteous without Fault. It is the Word of God. Prophecy is not a thing you play with, for your amusement, for your own self Gratification. It is not new Age. It is not looking for signs in crystals. It's not trying to solve Man's problems by reading and studying positive thinking, the nature of man.

All these are little distractions from the Truth and the only Truth, the Word of Jehovah, God. For all these associations, schools of thought on what is right, and what is wrong, and all the terms, and the meaning of the terms, they are hogwash. For when the day comes that you are facing, without knowing you are facing it, the day of Judgment, you will know that you trusted the wrong god. For the God of the Universe, of everything that is, and was, and will be, is Jehovah, with his Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and the Holy Spirit.

Remember these things, positive thinking will find you Gehenna, remember that. Remember that word, for I'll tell you, once you find that place, all the positive thinking, all the theorems of life, everything in new age are wrapped up in that word: Gehenna. You will not find peace. You will not find anything, but the grinding and gnashing of teeth for eternity.

So, this is the firm warning from Jehovah God, the Creator of the Universe, Creator of Mankind. If you allow the devil to deceive you, you deserve to live with him. For I warned you, I loved you, and you turned your back on Me; and walked to the idols; to the stone idols; to the idols of the false word; to the idols of the false prophets; to the idols of the world; to the idol of everything that is blasphemous to the Name of Jehovah. For Jehovah will not allow His Name to be blasphemed in any manner shape or form. For all that is Good, that is Righteous, that is, and will be, and has been, and will always be, is your God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Me, the Father.

For when you play with the devil you live with the devil. I will have no mercy, I will have no mercy of any kind for those with the Mark of the Beast. I will have no mercy on you crystal watchers, you that look to the signs in the sky, you astrologers. See if those signs in the Sky, the setting of the Moon, and the Sun will save you from My Wrath.

I am speaking to you firmly as a Father for what I say will be done, for no man, no astrologer, no positive thinking, no crystal, nothing that you idolize, whether its a car, or boat, or a house, or a job, or a wife, or a son, none of these things will save you. The only Salvation you have is Jesus Christ of Nazareth, My Only Begotten Son.

He has Authority, Absolute Authority, over mankind. Every Knee, every Tongue will Bow and Confess and acknowledge Jesus Christ of Nazareth, King of Kings, Lord of Lords and that's all there is to it. There is no Maybes, there is no I didn't know, there is no I am sorry, for at that date and at that moment you're destined to go wherever My Son so wills it.

So whatever Blasphemes against the Father, Blasphemes against the Son and the Holy Spirit and that will not be allowed in any manner, shape, or form. You evildoers will get evil for evil and it doesn't matter your job title, your education, your background, the color of your skin, nothing matters, but what's in your heart. And how you behave when it comes to the worship of the true God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and Me, your Father.

I am not going to tell you nicely. I am not going to tell you pretty Words. I am not going to tell you that everything will be the way you want it, because you want it. Because it will be the way I want it, and that's the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. For your God is Truth. He is Love, He is Righteous. If you Repent and you mean your repentance and if you Repent with your whole Soul and Mind, and turn to Me, right now this second, I will forgive anything and everything that you have ever done, from the time that you were conceived.

For I want total obedience to My Son, total Love. All the Praises and all the Glory goes to the Father, to the Son, to the Holy Spirit. Your idols are of no value except they find you the Valley of Death forever, the Pit. (non-understandable tongues?)

So remember what I said, you tall ones, you short ones, you fat ones, you skinny ones, you male and female. I am watching you very closely, every second of everyday My Eyes are there with Love and Compassion. But don't let the Eyes of Love and Compassion fool you, for if you remember, the Wrath of God is something you don't play with.

Listen to the Prophets that say turn to Jesus, turn to Jehovah, turn to the Holy Spirit, they are the Prophets that I sent to inform you, the Truth and what is Righteous. For they are the answer to your new age Religion. For your new age religion means nothing, it is the Church of Satan. And Satan is about to be chained and thrown into Gehenna. If you like to be among friends, don't repent and join your friends, the leaders of your Church in Gehenna. Gehenna is the place of everlasting pain, but remember, I sound harsh, I sound mean, but you always have a chance with Me.

Repent and love your neighbor, give all the Glory and Praise to Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. It is very simple, but I read the heart, not the lip, the lip will find you the Pit. Because those who speak with forked tongue will find the Pit, for you cannot fool God, Jehovah. You cannot hide from Jehovah.

For there is nothing in this Universe that was not made without My Spoken Word. It's hard for you to understand, but it's the truth, if you lucky ones get to Heaven, We'll talk about it there. And We'll sing, and We'll dance, and We'll really get to know each other, but it's a decision that you have to make on your own. I am not going to persuade you to the right or the left. I'll warn you, I'll send My Prophets, and I'll wait, the decision is yours. For I am the God of everlasting life, with My Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. May Peace and Love of thy neighbor grow in your heart forever. My Children, I say all this with love and affection for I know your heart. Farewell, My Children. Farewell My New Christians. I love you.

69. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 29 May 1992 at 11:11 AM Friday in Tongues, English.

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I love you, things are going smooth right now, but remember, there is going to be a time of tribulation, trials that you really won't be able to understand, but remember, the day is approaching where everything is going to come to a close. The Law that was stated in the Bible, about the end times is going to be fulfilled, as it was stated in the Bible.

For the hour and the day is approaching at a very rapid rate. The realization that your world is going to change will confuse many of you, for that idea seems incomprehensible. For you're complacent in your day to day activities. You are set in your way of life, but it is all coming to a close.

The last big War to be fought will happen in your lifetime. So be prepared, be strong, practice the Word of God in your everyday living. Practice the rules, the regulations that are stated in the Bible. Look to Jesus Christ of Nazareth, look to the Holy Spirit to guide you, look to Me to listen to your prayers, for the day of the Beast is here.

The day of this coronation will begin, when the Hornet and the Beetle clash. The outcome of that Battle will establish the authority and power of the Beast, which will begin the beginning of the end. Many are going to be confused for it will happen very fast. The ones who will be saved are the ones who will listen to the Prophets, and to the Just and Righteous Word, of Jesus Christ, Jehovah, and the Holy Spirit.

For what you will see in the near future is the beginning of the end. The end for the ones that are not Christians and don't believe in My Son, that He died for them on the Cross. The ones who don't believe, it will be the end for them. But the ones who believe, it is just the beginning of an everlasting Peace, and Joy in Heaven forever. I know these sound like just Empty Promises, Words without Authority, but it is the Truth. Jehovah says nothing but the Truth.

So remember, that when the end comes everyone that has ever existed will have to take account of their life. Of how they behaved in regard to their God, and their Brothers and Sisters, for nothing was created for evil. But Satan corrupted the Seed.

Now the day of Judgment is at a point, it is so close to your timetable of life. For some of you will follow Satan to the end, to the place appointed. The ones who Blaspheme My Name, My Son, and the Holy Spirit. And the others, the Ones who follow My Son, that have died, that have been tortured, that have been starved, that have suffered through the years, through sickness, through times of tribulation from their neighbors, from the Government, from every conceivable source, that the enemy, Satan, has dished out to them, those are going to live forever and ever and ever.

I know the Ones who are listening to this little Prophecy are going to say, "There is another nut speaking about the end times." But that's okay, We know it's their end. So let them say, let them think anything they want. But you, the Ones who are listening and reading and looking for answers to Salvation, open the Bible and read it.

Learn about your King, the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings and you will see him. You will talk to him for you'll be in Heaven Forever. Though you feel at times that there is no such place, but take My Word for it, Jehovah does not lie. There is a Place: it's more Wondrous, more Beautiful, it's Everlasting. Your minds could never conceive such Happiness, such Goodness, such Righteousness.

Because you were raised in an evil world, you were brought into Sin. How can you judge something you have never experienced? It's beyond your comprehension, for by nature your Body is sinful and something sinful cannot comprehend something Righteous. So this is where Faith comes in, you have to Trust in the Prophets, you have to trust in the Law of God, Jehovah, the Bible. The Holy Spirit will guide you, and will show you, but you have to make a commitment on your own. You have to Trust in your God.

You will get trials and tribulations, but We are at war. But the war is coming to an end. But if you are One of My Sons, the Lambs, you have already won. All I want you to do is tell your other Brothers and Sisters, the Ones that don't know the truth yet. Share it, spread the Word, for the more and more you strengthen the Body of Jesus Christ the more support you get from each other. The stronger you become, the less pain and suffering you'll endure in those times of trouble. For this last war will affect everyone in ways that you cannot conceive, and the time has begun.

So listen to your loving Father. You will be getting messages from the Prophets. If you get into the Bible and if you really study from your heart, I'll talk to you Myself. And you won't have to struggle so hard when you hear a Prophecy. Because if you're really a good Lamb, and a good Sheep, I might speak directly to you, but I only want those with a clean heart, clean mind, clean attitude. Sometimes it is hard to get into that type of mentality, but once you work on it, get yourself trained, it's not really that bad.

You're just used to the easy way, the other way, and that leads you into the Pit of Hell. Don't listen to the Ones who entice you to do wrong for Heaven. Well, you'll have to take My Word for it, you have to trust Me, that's the first step. I love you, I'll protect you, and no matter what happens, I am there right next to you, even though at times you'll feel that you're alone. You'll never be alone as long as you put your focus on Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He will lead you to Me, through the Power of the Holy Spirit. All of Us will bring this last chapter in this little Planet's short little life to a close.

So My Children, teach your Children to obey you, to trust you, and you teach yourself to obey Me, and to trust Me, and We will be one big happy family. Bring the Body of Christ together, for when there is Unity there is Strength. Swallow that pride, that ego, for a Child of Christ has no pride and no ego. They are believers of what's right, what's the truth, and they know how to humble themselves before their Lord and Savior and to each other. Sounds like easy words, but the world is so corrupt, if you don't have pride, if you don't have ego, you feel like you're not even human.

I love you with all My Heart, you'll have to trust Me. Make yourselves strong and obey the Law of Jesus Christ. There will be a day and a time that the Beast and his followers will persecute you. He will do anything he can to destroy you, mentally, physically, spiritually for the day of the Beast is at hand. But remember, all the Power and the Glory and Praises goes to Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

For the number of the Beast will be implemented on the weak, on the Sinful. DO NOT, I'll repeat it again! DO NOT TAKE THE SIGN OF THE BEAST. For if you do, you will not find Salvation. I'll state it again. DO NOT TAKE THE SIGN OF THE BEAST. No matter how hard it gets, No matter how easy it gets, if you value, and I mean, if you value your future, DO NOT TAKE THE SIGN OF THE BEAST, for you will be condemned to the VALLEY OF DEATH FOR ETERNITY.

This is the most BLASPHEMOUS thing you could do ever to your Lord Jehovah, and I WILL NOT FORGIVE YOU. When the sign of the Beast is issued, you run and you hide, do whatever you have to do, but DO NOT TAKE THE SIGN OF THE BEAST. I think I have stated it enough. I think I have made it simple, clear, and direct. I'll repeat it one more time, DO NOT TAKE THE SIGN OF THE BEAST, for you will find the VALLEY OF DEATH FOR ETERNITY.

So My Children, I hope your ears are unplugged. I hope I placed some fear in you, for what I say is the truth. You're going to have to make yourselves strong, stronger than you ever have in your whole life when those days and times come. For you're going to have to pray to your Father Jehovah. Read the Bible, bring the Body of Christ together. For this war is being fought in the Heavens at the same time, that the battle is being done on Earth. This is a War that encompasses the Spiritual and the Physical, what you can see and touch, everything that is evil, anywhere, anyplace, whether Spiritual, or Real, will be cleaned up once and for all.

So take care, be strong, get to know Me, Because I love you. This is Jehovah. This is Jehovah, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, of all that is Seen and Unseen, the Maker, the Breaker of the Universe.

Peace and Glory be to the Father, Peace and Glory be to the Father, Peace and Glory be to the Father, so saith, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, with the Power of the Holy Spirit. For We Love You Children, Listen to My Father, for he has nothing but Love. And He has given Me the Power and the Authority to carry out his Law. So remember what He has told you. Peace be with you My Lambs My Sheep for I will be there at the appointed time to pick you up and take you to Heaven, be courageous, be strong. Praise and Glory be to the Father. Praise and Glory be to the Father.

70. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 30 May 1992 Saturday at 3:23 AM. in tongues in Spanish and English.

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Ark! Ark! My son this is the truth, what you're thinking. All that I am saying is from your God; Christ, Holy Spirit and your Father, because the time is now over. It is finished, for you are saying My Word for the Father is the Truth. You have to look at the sky because the world is going to change. All that you think that is, and is going to be, is going to change.

For the date I cannot tell you, but what I am going to tell you, and you have to see. All that happens is around you, because there are to be many signs. The signs in the Bible are going to be more than before. You have to look first; for they are going to begin slowly and everything else, more rapidly.

Until the day comes it's going to scare you. For all the Country that you think you know; is going to end. The Country of the towns, the Country of all that you think it is, and it isn't, but it's going to be. It's very hard to explain what's going to happen because you're not going to believe it.

There is going to be a man that the devil is going to send. He is a very dirty man that thinks he can run the World better than Me. He going to think that he's god. But he hasn't a chance, because he's just a man. For a man cannot do what the God of the Whole World, of the Stars, of Heaven, of all that is, can do. For I made the world and all that I said; he is nothing.

He has the devil on his side, because the devil is going to help him. But the devil has already lost, but look, there are people that this man is going to Kill, many People, with his Lips, the Lips that say things that all will believe, and they are going to like him, as if he were a saint, but he's the saint of the devil.

Yes, he's going to kill many People with the gun, with the bomb, with the airplane, with the ship, and without food. There are going to be many people that are going to die, because they won't have food.

South America is going to suffer much. In South America the people are going to leave, because it's going to be very hard. They are going to look for places to live, but they will not be able to find them. Then People will gather in large Cities to look for work more than in the past.

The bad man, the one I told you about earlier is going to have a Camp, and he's going to kill them like animals. He's not going to care if they suffer or not, because he is going to be the king of the world. He is going to have the world in his hands.

But what is going to happen, I am going to cut off his hands, with My Son Jesus. People are going to eat dogs, and cats, and rats, and all the animals that they can get, or catch, because they are not going to have food. The Law is not going to be the Law. Because, the man that thinks that he's king of the world, is going to be the law.


Come to Me! My Children listen to My Prophet with your ears open. Pay attention and listen carefully for these are not idle words of a mad man. These are the Words of a Prophet that I have been talking to for several years now. He's even having a hard time understanding Me, because he's like you. He thinks as the World thinks, but I have been training him and educating him, to discern, and to listen to My Word.

So My People of the World pay attention, and listen for these are not his Words, they are the Words of your God, Jehovah. The hour and the day is rapidly approaching. I have been stating it to him and restating to him through other Prophecies, because I don't want you come by at some point in time and tell Me that you didn't know.

For you know certain things in the Bible, like the rising up of My Son, and the return of My Son, but I am explaining details for your benefit. For this time of Tribulation will occur, as it has been stated in the Bible.

All of Germany will unite. Russia will reassemble, reorganize. The False Prophet will be risen from the Middle East, and he will unite with the Beast at the appointed hour in time. This False Prophet from the Mid East, Middle East, is going to use the Power of Satan to deceive. He is going to create Miracles. He is going to do things that you're going to consider wondrous, great.

I am warning you now, Discern, Judge every Prophecy to the best of your ability, do not condemn. Because you do not understand, for the ways of the Spiritual World, the Flesh cannot always understand, that doesn't mean that it's false, but it doesn't mean it is true. The only way you can have any kind of a chance is to get into the Bible and read and study. Some of the Miracles that have happened and some that have been told will happen. For you're going to live through the time, you will see these things happen. I have always warned My People before the end. For I love you all.

You need to prepare yourselves. Get into the Bible not as a hobby, as a matter of life and death. For in the Bible you will get the strength you need, the Power of the Holy Spirit. Be careful who you're going to stone because that stone could kill one of My Prophets. And the only way you'll know is if you have the Holy Spirit in you.

For there are so many demonic forces out there, it would make your Head Spin. Some of you are going to be scared, just by listening to what I am saying at this very moment, but that is the reality. You Pastors are so ill equipped. You haven't the foggiest idea of what a demon is. You're looking for middle class solutions to a Spirit. You think you can solve them by sending them to an analyst, when the analyst himself might be possessed by a Spirit. Satan has done his Job well, but you don't have to worry if you're in the Body of Christ. And if you're strong in the Body of Christ. For only the strong will make it, the Pure and the Clean, the Honest, the Righteous. For there are many Christians that call themselves Christians, and are worse off than non-Christians, in their thinking and theology.

Now listen! Christianity is basically simple. You turn to Jesus Christ of Nazareth, your King of Kings, Lord of Lords. He is your Protector. He is your Guide. For he has already won the Battle. The problem is you have to walk through it. You have to carry your own Cross, for everyone has to take an accounting of themselves, at the end of time. Everybody that has ever lived will have to know that when Judgment comes, their tongue has to confess Jesus Christ is the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings and every knee, and I mean every knee has to Bow down to him from the beginning of man to now. Satan himself has to Bow down, but he's going to be chained and sent to the pit of hell with a lot of you, My Children, that have the hard hearts and closed minds. Don't be beguiled by the easy life, the evil life of this World, for this World is about out of time. Read the Book of Noah. Noah is in the Book of Genesis, the story of Genesis.

Read about Noah. He knew what was coming because I told him. And he prepared and prepared and he climbed in that little boat and waited, for he knew what was coming. The time of Noah is here again. This Prophet is not a mad man. He is speaking the Word of God, Jehovah. For when this time comes it will be too late, so you have to make a strong foundation on the Rock, now! Today! Jesus Christ of Nazareth is your Rock, you cling to it anyway you can, but if you pray and you ask, the Holy Spirit will help you, will guide you in any manner you need, to cling to that Rock.

For you all have different problems with different solutions but the decision is yours. You have a free will, and you have the free will to do nothing. The penalties for doing nothing are the same as the penalties of going the wrong direction. Your Savior is Jesus Christ, that's simple, remember that, for My Son will guide you, and help you through the War with the Holy Spirit and Me, Jehovah.

For the God of Heaven and Earth has never lost and will never lose. For I made everything from nothing. I Spoke it and it was Created. Most of you can't even comprehend that little statement. In the Spiritual World it's the truth, We made you, We assembled it, We put it together, and some of the Bad Spirits took it apart, but it's all coming to a close. Look at the signs, they're all around you. Your God will not forsake you, but you have to turn to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He's the Door. He is the Way to your Salvation.

Peace be with you My Children, I know some of you are going to need more than this one message. But you have to do it on your own, you have to study, read the Bible, talk to Christian Brothers and Sisters that are strong in the Faith. Not the ones that Boast, and Brag, for we have many of those that are lost under the cover of Jesus. Take care of your Brothers and Sisters, Love them and Cherish them, your Mothers, your Fathers, your Brothers, your Sisters, for you're going to be in the same position. So please listen to My Words. Love thy neighbor, pray to Me. Repent of your sins and trust Me, no matter what happens, for the hour is here. Your Heavenly Father, with the Son, and the Holy Spirit will always exist.

71. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 1 June 1992 at 1:22 AM. in English.

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Hello Ray. How are you doing? Well, the Ark of the Covenant will be established. That's right, I said the Ark of the Covenant will be brought fourth from its hiding place and established in My Temple; The new, the last, and the final Temple that will be constructed by man.

The Ark will be placed in the designated area for the establishment of My Word. That was given before through the Prophets, through the Apostles, for what I have been telling you for the past few weeks. It is all true, all correct for I am giving you bits and pieces of the final days of the end.

Some of the things are in parables, for certain people are to discover the meaning of these parables at the appropriate time. Even though the time is very close, but what was stated to you is correct, it's factual, to the point. For I am the God of everything, of the Universe, all that is, of all that will be. I am Jehovah with My Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

The Ark of the Covenant will be established. There will be a Celebration in Heaven and at the Temple for where all of the descendants of Abraham that can make the Celebration. It will be joyful and happiness and peace for the seven days that will be allowed. For the Celebration, for the beginning of the end will have been established in the sequence that was foretold by the Prophets: Ezekiel and Daniel and John.

For what I say will be done without any change of any kind. The Antichrist, the False Prophet will appear at the appointed time and they will be defeated exactly as I have stated. So beware of the Mark of the Beast. For the significance of the Mark on your body will not be forgiven under any circumstances. For the Mark represents total defiance of My Law. Total defiance of Moral Code. Total defiance of the written Law. The Mark of the Beast represents the side that you're placing your allegiance to and anything that is not clean doesn't belong to Jehovah. My Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, has the authority to liquidate, abolish, destroy, bind, and cast anyone with the Mark of the Beast. For their kingdom will be the walls of Gehenna. For they deserve to live with their followers just as My Saints deserve to live in Heaven. What is right, is right! My Son has the Law of the righteous and He will implement it without mercy at His own choosing, for He is the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings. For all the Sheep and Lambs that endured their trials, their tribulations, in their walk to Heaven.

The existence of Gehenna will be established for the new inhabitants that took the Mark of the Beast at the allowed time. For their help in Rebellion, in following Lucifer in his plans to defile My Name and what I Created. This is your God Jehovah, the First, and the Last, and the Beginning of the New Heaven will begin when My Son Jesus Christ binds and destroys the last evil thing on the Planet.

I know My Saints have been waiting and waiting and waiting, but like I mentioned through My Prophets, the time and the hour will arrive and We are approaching that time. I will not give you the date or the time, it will never be given until it exactly happens. So look to your Father Jehovah, to your King of Kings, your Lord of Lords Jesus Christ, and through the Power of the Holy Spirit you'll find Heaven and Us in the new established Kingdom. That will begin at the appointed time.

So repent all your sins. Pray to Us and We will show you the way. For the established World Community will be shocked, will be dismayed, when they really find out that there is a Jehovah God and always has been. For Lucifer has done a job of deceiving so many, that many, many don't even comprehend or know Jehovah exists, but so be it, so be it.

For My Law and My Ways have been in existence for thousands of years and My Presence has been here since before the beginning and they turned their backs and walked away. So on those poor unfortunate souls, I am turning My Back on them and walking away with Tears in My Eyes and with a saddened Heart. They had their choice, and they hardened their hearts. So be it! So be it!

This is Jehovah, Creator of Heaven and Earth, of all that was and will be. Remember, My Lambs, My Sheep, for you I am there twenty-four hours a day with My Son and the Holy Spirit. Be joyful, be Happy for it will soon be over and We can start out again, new and fresh. For your Rooms are in place and are in order, be patient a little longer. This is Jehovah. This is Jehovah with Love and Peace in My Heart. I welcome you.

72. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 2 June 1992 at 10:47 AM. in English.

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I want you to proceed at a steady pace with the Prophecies. I want you to proof read them until you feel that My Word, through the Holy Spirit, has flowed through you to the best of your ability. Listen to the Holy Ghost, take guidance, take strength for what you write is not of you. You are trying to apply human, earthly standards to what I Say. You might not understand what I am trying to say, or in the manner I am trying say it, or in the language, but trust Me, Ray. It might not be grammatically correct. It might not sound pretty.

It might not be of a form you like. My Word or Words never come back void just brace yourself for there are going to be those Brothers and Sisters that will attack you. For in the manner and in the way that My Word was transposed into the English Language, but don't let it bother you. For there will always be people like that. People with hardened hearts. People that cannot see and People that just don't want to see. They wouldn't see it and they wouldn't digest it, even if it came out perfectly clear to the letter, to the every dot on every (i). For I have a place for those type of People, Ray. Remember that!

So be strong, be courageous and just type what you hear. In the manner in which it comes out. Don't try to analyze it and change it. Just listen to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will guide you mentally, physically, in the grammar, in the spelling, in the sentence structure. Now listen! This is not of you. I know there are times you want to make it sound nice.

Trust Me, Ray! For when the Lord Jehovah speaks there is never an error. So be patient, be strong and listen to the Holy Spirit. Listen to that voice that tells you which letters to capitalize, which ones not to, what to emphasize. You are My Servant. You are My Friend. You are My Lamb, just relax. Don't worry! For I will let you know how and when to distribute the Prophecies and Visions. For there will be many more, so pace yourself. Don't worry about money. Don't worry, just be patient, be strong. For I am going to protect you.

73. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 4 June 1992 at 1:48 AM. Thursday in tongues, Spanish, English, and Non-understandable tongues.

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real-audio Prophecy 73 Audio


Hear Me! What I mentioned earlier of the World, of the Star, of the Sky, of the world is going to start, the 30th of July in the New Year, but the year of God, of Christ, I cannot tell you. But the 30th of July is going to start the date of the war with the Pig. And you can mark that date on your Calendar on July 30th, of July.

What a shame of what's going to happen on that date, because they are going to die, many people, you have to watch the River of Blood because the river is going to get high with the Blood of the War. Hear Me, the picture of the War (non-understandable tongues?) They fell, the Valiant ones that fought in the War of Christ, but they have risen themselves up once again. And this time they are going to fight to the end. The Pig is going to learn who is the God of Gods and the King of Kings.


My Children, with Love on My Heart and on My Lips, I plead with you to listen to the Prophets for the Battle will be done according to the Scriptures in the Holy Bible. For nothing will be done that was not revealed in the Scriptures. The hour is coming to a close in the manner that it was stated by the Prophet Daniel, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Joel, John.

The war cries of the War, the squealing of dismembered Bodies will display the Wrath of Jehovah. For the cleaning of all abomination will be thorough and complete for there will be no loose ends. My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth will command all the Forces in Heaven, and will use them to the fullest, to complete My Word given so many thousands of years ago. For everything will be fulfilled to the letter, to the day, to the minute without any remorse on anything that is evil on this Planet, for the beginning of the end is here.

Those of you with Spirit filled Bodies, My Lambs, My Sheep will be brought up to Heaven as it was stated in the Bible. Be happy, be joyful for the Bugle in Heaven has started to ring, the sound of the Bells, of the Cheers, of the Laughter of the Angels. For it is coming to a close.

Open your ears, open your eyes, open your Bibles, and read, and see the Glory of Jehovah unfold before your eyes. For every Knee shall Bow, every Tongue shall Confess that Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords, King of Kings. For He has the authority to implement the Law of Jehovah without mercy, but with justice. I will be waiting for My Son, and the Sheep, and the Lambs that endured to the end. (non-understandable tongues?)

I love you My Sheep. My Lambs Unite, take care of each other for it's almost over. The Rooms have been completed, the Pearly Gates will be opened at the allotted time. Prepare yourselves, get in the Word, bring the Body of Christ together. This is your Father, Jehovah, Creator of the Universe, of all that was, is, and will be. Harmony and Peace to My Sheep, for your Shepherd is on His way. I love you. I love you. I love you with all My Heart. This is Jehovah. This is Jehovah. Peace be with you My Lambs, My Sheep. I love you.

74. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 5 June 1992, Friday at 2:45 AM. in tongues, English, and non-understandable tongues.

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real-audio Prophecy 74 Audio

Hi! How are you, My Lambs, My Sheep? I will direct you, as it will be necessary, for the coming of the Star will appear suddenly out of nowhere, but the hour and the time is at hand, for the knife is at the throat of the World. The Beast will try to chew up the Body of Christ. He will have a set Plan for the Elimination of the Body of Christ. The associates of the Beast will gather around the False Prophet. For the False Prophet will develop a Scheme of undermining the Credibility and the Validity of Christianity. And with this Plan, or Decree that will be implemented, will set into motion the ultimate goal of the Beast, of absolute Power without interference from any source.

For the Beast and Hog will conspire an elaborate Plan to Conquer the Western World. For the development of the Money, of the Economic Conditions of the World will befall upon the Beast, who will decide who will survive the financial collapses of the Monetary System. For the Power of Wealth, the Power of Arms, the Power of Political Movement will all fall into place with the collapse of the Monetary System, which will bring into Power the Beast and his followers.

For the control of the Beast comes from Satan himself through the False Prophet, which will advise and direct the Mad Man. I will bring to a close what I stated in the Bible at the appointed time, for the collapse of the Monetary System will happen. For the first coming of the world will be done when the Oil and the Commerce Control the World, (non-understandable tongues?) The Heavenly Host will be directing the War which will get intense as the structure of Society collapses. (non-understandable tongues?)

I love you, My Children, I love you, listen to the Prophet, listen to the Prophecies, for the Plane that arrives and lands at the end of the airport will become the focal point of a disaster in the Heart of a City. With the Blossoms that occur when the Rays of the Sun Shine on the ground in Mid-Summer. The destruction of the Plane will occur when the Beast accuses the Chancellor of not obeying his law. For the Chancellor will oppose the Beast, but the outcome will have no effect on the Beast and the Party of the Beast. For the Beast outmaneuvered the Chancellor through an underground network of spies and counter spies.

The development of a Bomb, which would send particles of gas into the air, will destroy the opposing Armies swiftly and directly. So beware of the Politics, beware of the Armies, beware of Anything and Everything that is not of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. For the persecution of the Church will occur at the coming of the New Moon when the Peace Treaty with the Beast is signed. Are you listening My Children?, for you must read the Bible and Study and obey your Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the Holy Spirit. For the destruction that will occur will shock you into unbelief. (non-understandable tongues?)

So My Lambs, My Sheep watch those Hands, watch those Rallies, watch Yourselves from becoming like the Beast. I am Jehovah. I am Jehovah. (non-understandable tongues?) I Love you. I Love you. I Love you My Children. Jehovah is the First and the Last. The God of Love, the God of everything.

75. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on the 6 June 1992 at 12:50 AM Saturday, in tongues Spanish, English and unknown language.

real-audio Prophecy 75 Audio


I like you. I like you My son. Look for, Look for the Word of God, and I will show you things, that you never would believe were in the Bible. I am going to show you many things, and the reason, of the thing, of the Bible. But you have to trust Me, you have to talk to Me, you have to look for Me, you have to....


Caraja, (Cardga a Spanish word <slang, nonstandard vocabulary> for a Woman who is: disobedient, unruly, contrary, rebellious). Caraja, Carajo.


Seed, Seed,


Carajo, (Carajo a Spanish word <slang, nonstandard vocabulary> for a Man who is: disobedient, unruly, contrary, rebellious.)


I want to show you how it will be on the Battle Fields of the future and how the outcome will relate to the Body of Christ. For the Body of Christ needs to know the formulation of its enemy for the War is going to engulf the World. If you set up your watches to instruct you, when to get up to go to work, you will have to do the same, to set your Spiritual Watch to wake you before the end comes.

The Hornet will increase in strength in Japan, when it develops Nuclear Weapons. For the righteous will encounter resistance on the day that the False Prophet bewitches the Japanese, for the Power of Satan is god, the False Prophet, for all of the World will be dominated by.

I love you, and I want you to know that My Son is charging into the Battle. For He is your Fortress, your Strength through the Power of the Holy Spirit for...


I have marked the hour to burn My daughter.


Touch Me My Children


At the Caraja, (Caraja a Spanish word <slang, nonstandard vocabulary> for a Woman who is: disobedient, unruly, contrary, rebellious)..


Thank you. My Father. Thank you. My Father. All Praise and Glory goes to the Father. All Praise and Glory goes to the Father, My Only Father. I love you. I love you. Peace and love goes to the People of the World for the watch is about to strike, the hammer of the gun that blew the Hornet's Tail.

My Children, for the obedience of obeying your Father in Heaven, love you, love you, love you. This is Jehovah. This is Jehovah.


I marked her. I marked her. I marked her. Seed seed, hear Me seed.

76. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 6 June 1992 at 12:58 AM Saturday morning in tongues English.

real-audio Prophecy 76 Audio

I want you to see how I am placing all the Players in place. And how I am revealing to you, showing you the character, and the background of the character. So remember the character and how I displayed him in your Prophecy. For I want you to understand certain Key Points, and to be prepared in the Body of Christ, for the Body of Christ. I love you. This is Jehovah. I love you. Listen and pray and stay Together, do not Stray. Do not Stray from the Truth. I will be talking to you more. And you will know that the Hour and the Day is upon Us.

I love you Children, Jehovah, loves you Children. The Holy Spirit loves you Children, and Me, Jesus Christ.

Thank you Jesus. I love you.
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