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Prophecies, Visions, Occurrences and Dreams | Page 9
Thursday 21st of June 2018

87. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 11 June 1992 at 2:00 PM.

During prayer time I saw a pyramid with something on the top. That's all.



88. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 11 June 1992 at 3:20 PM.

I had a vision of three explosions. Large ones, I do not believe they were nuclear. The Lord said, "They will go off in Bangkok." I guess that's all.

89. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 12 June 1992 at 2:31 AM. Friday in English.

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real-audio Prophecy 89 audio

Hello! Ray, I hear your Prayers. I know you're worried about money. I know it's difficult but I know more about the situation than you give Me Credit. I will take care of the money situation, just keep typing and working as you have been doing.

For you will be mailing and distributing the Prophecies to the places I tell you. I will give you those instructions at the proper time. For the process of getting them in paper form will be complete when you have really done everything that I have asked you to do.

You will be getting many, many, many messages from Me on many different particular areas of life that I find offensive, but remember your God is always with you, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Jehovah the Creator of everything, of everything that is and everything that will Be, the First and the Last Word.

I have sensed your spirit changing these last few weeks. You're getting stronger. You're getting to understand more of the future. You're really starting to believe it in your heart, because I read the heart Ray.

I know it's been very hard for you. Wondering if they're right or if they're wrong, whether you might mislead somebody. I know you don't want to. You feel uncomfortable because you don't understand what you're writing.

Remember the writing is Me, Jehovah, Yahweh, the I am, the I am, I am. It's not you. If I wanted you to know everything, I would tell you everything. At this point in time there are only certain things that I want you to know, and certain things I don't want you to know. I tell you in tongues what you can't understand, but your spirit knows and your spirit grows.

For your flesh is your enemy. It's to your benefit that your flesh does not know certain things. I talk to your spirit and that spirit gives you that spark of life and points you in the right direction. The discernment that you receive from the Holy Spirit will guide you and direct you in the direction that I want to send you. So be strong, try to be brave. Words are so easy to say and so difficult to do.

For I look at your heart. I know that you're a very determined Man, once you believe. You stand on that Rock, with My Son and nothing will budge you. So that is why I have been trying to convince you slowly that you are talking to Jehovah, the God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, of all that is and will be. Because I know your strength and I know your weakness, I am stripping you down to nothing and building you up, this is a painful process sometimes, but I need you.

The War is raging on and We have to get on with what We have to do. Don't worry, Jehovah's in charge. I have never been late and I never will be. So try not to worry. Keep Praying to Me and I will answer. You will get an answer like I said earlier. Everything I promise you will come true. For I do not promise without delivering. Remember that Ray.

So roll up your sleeves, get on that computer. We have to turn this World in the direction of Heaven, for the end of this World is at hand. We have to gather the Sheep but you let Me do the work and you just obey. It sounds like a very simple Word Ray, but I know you can do it or I wouldn't have asked you.

I know there are times that you look back, not to long in your distant past on how you were and how you are now, but don't worry about the friends you lost for they weren't friends to begin with. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Jesus Christ of Nazareth your King and Me, Jehovah, the Holy Spirit will give you the Power and the Gifts that will flow through you. I know there will be a day that you'll have to use them in self-defense. Nothing in the Universe, in the Heavens, in the Earth can defeat Jehovah, because I made everything and you're in My Hands.

So don't worry about these People with their little bitterness, their little games, their little rules that try to control and dominate. It makes them feel like gods. You pull your strength from the Trinity. I am the God Head, I am the I am I am. Remember that. They mess with you, they're messing with Me. That's simple. That's straight. For I have set an allotted time to gather the Sheep, for My Son is preparing the things that He has to do, to gather the Flock.

So sleep well until We speak again. I love you. I'll take you, and I'll protect you. Remember that little Word Trust. That's a joke Ray, because It's a Big Word. A Man who Trusts in his God through the Power of the Holy Spirit is invincible. If you could only see all the Heavenly Angels that are there at your beckon call, through Prayer because I answer Prayers. The Lord of Lords and the King of Kings, My Son, the Commander will direct the Angels at His disposal.

So Ray, don't worry about what you don't see or can't see for We are very real. When Christ comes on the Cloud you will realize what I have been telling you; for years now. To you it's a long time but to Me it's barely enough time to mention. Peace be with you. Get some rest. For We have work to do tomorrow and remember I love you.

90. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 12 June 1992 at 12:55 AM. in English.

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I love you Ray. Since you can't sleep, let's talk. Let Me tell you a little bit about the War, the War of the future. The Saber tooth Tiger will be conquered but the Beast and the Boar will use a series of spies and counterspies to manipulate Governments. In such a manner that there is more corruption going on underneath the tables with these Political Officers who ran these Governments that you could ever have comprehended. When he gets control of the oil and the finances he will use this leverage and this blackmail. He will use anything that he can to get his way and he will get his way.

But I am preparing a place for him. He thinks he is going to have the World in his hands but all he will find is the Pit. The Antichrist is going to be one of the most fierce, the most dreaded tyrants the World has ever known. To you they are simple words that have no real meaning; outside of words. You have not experienced tyranny of such terror but that's how the end is going to come.

There are going to be explosions in the Big Capitals, in the Big Cities, all over the World. There is going to be a Police Force that will have no law. Only the law of the Antichrist, which is the law of Satan. He is going to develop a Kingdom, a source of Power where he can control what People buy, what they sell, who is living in their house, who and where their family members are, what they do for a living, where they go to church, where they don't go to church. He's going to have that kind of control.

Then he is going to implement the Seal which is going to be placed on the foreheads of his puppets; which He'll control and manipulate to do his bidding. If you value your Spiritual Life do not take the Seal of the Beast. For the Seal of the Beast will mean the end of the end for you. So beware of the Seal that will placed on your hand or on your forehead. It doesn't matter where, if you receive it you will never see the Kingdom of God, Jehovah, the Heaven, or the Mansion that I have prepared for you. Because My Son Died, for you for a reason, to bring the Flock home to Heaven. But the choice is yours.

DO NOT TAKE THE SIGN OF THE BEAST. This is Jehovah. This is Jehovah, the Creator, the Maker of the Universe. For I am bringing to a close a defiled Planet that has gone sour, which will be eliminated with everything else that is not Pure, Righteous, and in Line with My Word, Jehovah.

So make yourselves strong My Lambs, My Sheep. For the hour is at hand, go in that room, close that door and pray. Pray like you have never prayed before, for the hour and the day is right outside your door.

Protect yourself, get in the Body of Christ, and Jesus will Protect you, but you have to be Clean and Pure and Repent. Just because you call yourself a Christian means nothing. I want what's Clean and Pure, in Heart, in Spirit, in Mind, with their focus on Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and Me.

For the rewards are beyond your comprehension. So Just have Faith and Trust in your Lord and Savior. For He will Rule and Govern, and protect My Sheep, My Lambs. This is Jehovah. This is Jehovah the Creator, the Maker of the Universe. Peace be with you. Peace be with you. The love of My Heart. The love of My Son. The love of the Holy Spirit. Peace and love your fellow Sheep, your fellow Lambs. So saith Jehovah.

91. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 13 June 1992 at 10:15 PM. in tongues, Spanish.

Hi My son Ark! Ark! My son are you tired? Your body is tired. You have worked many hours but you are doing a good job. I am watching you. I am looking at you and I like your determination because you're going to need that kind of determination to finish what I want you to do, but rest now.

You're going to see things in the future in your mind. They are not the things you put in your mind. They are going to be from God. I want you to write them and to put them down. I want people to see through your eyes. I want them to hear you through your writing of what I tell you. I know you're tired and that you haven't slept or eaten. But I think you're doing a good job. I will tell you where to send them and when.

You have already sent the ones I have told you to the people that have prayed for you. I want them to read what I am telling you because you're going to need their help. You're in a war and you cannot fight by yourself. You need the help of your Brothers and Sisters of Christ. For when you fight together everyone is stronger. Remember that! I want you to do what I tell you, and you're going to need the Prayers of your Brothers and Sisters.

I know the people of the World are not going to believe you. That's not important, what is important is that you do what I tell you, for it isn't going to be as hard as you think. I already know what's in your mind. You're worried but remember that you're in My Hands, God; Jesus, Holy Spirit and I, your Father. And if they fight with you they're going to be fighting with Me.

I know that you think these are only Words but a day is going to come that I am going to show you a miracle. You have the strength of the Holy Spirit that's going to work in your body. Don't get scared because the Body sometimes gets frightened when the Force of the Holy Spirit uses it. For the Body isn't clean, and the Holy Spirit is. So, don't get scared when the Holy Spirit arrives, for there are going to be miracles.

92. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 15 June 1992 at 2:15 AM. Monday in tongues, Spanish and English.

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You know what? This day went very well for you. You know you did what I wanted you to do and you rested. I know that you have been very tired because you have been working hard on the Prophecies. Look what's going to happen in the days that are coming. It's going to be very hard for the People who understand what's going to happen but it's going to happen.

There is going to be a Spy, and they're going to throw her in the Hole. The Hole is going to eat her because the husband is going to get Mad, for the Spy wasn't for him. It's going to give him anger and he's going to go with the manner of doing evil with the person who threw her, but the person who threw her was the devil. And the man didn't know it.

Look, the man is the man that's coming to tell False Words of God, the day that he starts to use the tongue of the devil. The devil is going to eat him. That day he and the devil are going to be one. For he is going to think a lot of himself and he likes the money. He likes to order people to do this and to do that, but the God of the World, of Heaven, of all that is and is going to be, He's going to take this man with the devil and He is going to throw him in a hole. In a hole and he's going to bury him in a manner that he won't be able to leave. For he used the word of the devil. Oh, what a shame. Oh, what a shame.


I want you to pay attention, to listen very carefully to My Words. This is Jehovah, Creator of the Universe, of everything that is and will be, with My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and the Holy Spirit. This time that We are approaching is going to be a time to bid farewell, to all the good times that you had. The beginning of the end has started; though you haven't realized it yet, but the clock has really started. Dec. 2, 1990, was day one; on that date began the time that My Son started the war to finish, to clean up what was evil in the Heavenly.

I will not tell you the hour or the day when My Son will come to pick you up, but I will tell you the war is raging strong and fierce in the Heavens since that date. The War is raging on the Planet Earth, at the same time in the Spiritual Realm. You will notice things are going to change. Some of them are going to change very rapidly. Some very slowly, but things are going to startle you, riots, fighting between father, son, wife, and daughter. People are going to be on edge. Natural disasters are going to occur at unusual times and at unusual Places.

These are the Birth Pains of the end. "When the leaves on the fig tree change;" remember that statement. "When the leaves of the fig tree change," Will mark the beginning and the end of what you will know or have been knowing. For the sign of the Beast is at hand. The False Prophet is at hand. The sign of everything that was stated in the Bible is going to start to appear before your eyes. If you're not into the Word you won't even see it. So I am telling you My Christians, My Saints, you're rapidly approaching times of trouble.

There are going to be some Prophets that are going to tell you some things, that are not going to be so good, and so sweet that they tickle your ear, because the time of tickling the ear is over. The time to prepare to get ready for the coming of My Son is at hand. I am going to do some rebuking, some cleaning up. Of everything that is not according to My Word, I don't care. HOW you read that Bible, and HOW you interpret that Bible, for there is Only One Word, and that is My Word, Jehovah. Listen to My Words. JEHOVAH HAS ONE WORD, AND ONLY ONE WORD.

You theologians, you pastors who have lead My Sheep so far astray, will be held accountable. I am not asking you. I am telling you. You straighten up Right Now! Because the day that is mentioned in the Bible is staring you right in the face. If you don't Buckle Up Now!, you will be held accountable for every last thing that you have done to keep My Children, My Saints from hearing the Word at the proper time and at the proper place.

You like to discipline your flock in a manner and in a way that matches your Word and your Theology. NOW!, it is My turn to rebuke you, to snap you into place. For the only obstacle left is the Hierarchy of the Church. Which has disassembled the Body of Christ in such a manner that you have an infinite number of religions going by the name of My Son, Jesus Christ. You don't get along. You don't speak. You have prejudices. You Pastors are worse than Children among each other. Instead of uniting and fighting with One cause and One Word, the fighting is among yourselves.

So beware, for the problem is not with the flock. The problem is with the Leadership of the flock. I know these are not kind Words. I know these are not sweet Words. I know that they are not tickling your ear at the present time, but so be it.

I said a Word to My Son several thousand years ago and you were given that Word and you are not keeping My Word. So you will see certain things happen, in the near future. For the pastors and the leaders of My Flocks, through the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, through the Holy Spirit that DO NOT OBEY MY WORD, MY WRATH IS GOING TO FALL ON THEM. Not on the flock, for they are responsible for the flock and they are held accountable for the flock.

These are not Idle Words of some Nut, for this Prophet of Mine is speaking My Word and don't you dare go against My Word. For there is a place allowed for people that go against Me. Do you understand what I am saying? Do you comprehend the seriousness of what I just said?

I'll say it again. Straighten Up Now! Clean Up Your Act. Get the Body of Christ together TODAY! DON'T TALK ABOUT IT! I WANT IT DONE TODAY! For the Wrath of God, Jehovah, will befall you so hard that it will make your head spin and you won't realize it. It is right around the corner, for if you wait for tomorrow, you won't have a tomorrow.

This is your God, Jehovah. The Creator of the Universe, of everything that is and will be. The First Word and the Last Word. Go to the streets, preach My Word, not in your Cadillac, on your foot, by foot, by foot, person to person, door to door. I don't care how you do it. You have had it easy. That time is over, take care of My Sick, take care of My Hungry. For what you do to them, you're doing to My Son, you're doing to Me. This is Jehovah. This is Jehovah. This is Yahweh. This is Yahweh. This is the I am, I am, I am.

93. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 15 June 1992 at 3:41 PM. in Spanish.

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Look Reymundo, as I mentioned earlier, We are just starting and the date and day, that's going to stop, I am not going to tell you. I just want you to do what I say. I'll be with you. I know that you're suffering now. I hear your prayers, and your tears. I know that you feel bad in your heart. You don't know where you're going to go, whether it's here or there, or work, or to put the Prophecies in your computer. Look, what I want you to do is to hear My Word and to do it. Right now My Word is saying, sit down and work. Put down the Words that I am telling you.

I know your Heart. I know that you're crying because you're really tired. You can't lift your head up straight because you are so sleepy. It hurts My Heart that you have to do what you have to do. Make yourself strong for I am with you. We do not have much time. Everything has to happen at the time that I placed it, many years ago. The time is here now. I know that you have the strength. I know that you can do what I tell you. I know that you're going to cry every minute of the day. I know your heart. I know that you can do it.

Yes, the stones are going to come and you're going to be tired when they come, but I am with you, with My Angels. They are going to protect you. No one is going to touch you. You have to trust Me. You're going to know how much Faith you have. The strength that you're going to need is going to be with the people that think that they know the Bible. They are going to be surprised that they have seen My Word, yet they did not see it, correctly. These People are very strong in their minds. They don't believe that they can do anything wrong with the Bible. It's because the devil has entered with them.

The devil has given them a hard heart. They are strong with the left Hand but not with the right Hand. These are the people that are going to want to eat you. But I am with you and remember the Gifts I gave you. Don't have fear in using them. For you have the God of Heaven, of the World, of the Angels, of all that is, and is going to be in your hands.

I know that you're not big but I choose the ones who are small. For in that way, they believe that I am their God. Because the God of everything doesn't choose the people that are high, and great. For I use the People that no one would believe could be used by the God of Heaven. You're working very hard and very strong right now. No one can stop you. I placed that in your heart and in your mind. For My Words that are going to go through your lips are going to save millions, millions, millions, millions, millions, millions, millions, millions, millions, millions, millions, millions, millions, millions, millions, millions, millions, of people. That's why you have to make yourself strong.

For they are going to come with the stones. With all the evil they want to do. Remember Reymundo, I am with you, that is why it's so important that you make yourself strong and work with your little computer. I love you with My Heart and you're in My Hands. I know that you believe you're alone. You think that I don't hear you because you pray and you cry, and you pray and you cry, and you pray and you cry, and you see nothing that changes. Just work, do your work and I'll do Mine, and everything will come out right.

Just trust Me. This is your God. This is your God, with Jesus, with the Holy Spirit. With everything that is and is going to be, I am the First Word and the Last Word. Remember Reymundo. I have the love of the world. I have the love of My Heart in your Heart. Much happiness, My son, make yourself strong. Here comes the time everything is going to end. You have to have the strength. This is your God. This is your God with My Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, and Me. Your Father is going to protect you.

94. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 16 June 1992 at 3:04 PM. Tuesday in tongues English and non-understandable tongues.

Ramses, Ramses will begin to move on the front as the Crow flies west but the Beetle will remain behind for the Beetle is wounded and the Beetle will fall. When the Ark is in place, the Cloud with Jesus Christ of Nazareth will receive the Christians with a clean Heart, clean Mind, clean Body, the obedient Ones. The Ones who obey Me, Jehovah on the little things. Things that you pass off as, "Well, I'll do it tomorrow for I am tired today"; For the things you say, "That's not My Job, that's somebody else's Job"; For Jehovah looks at the Heart, and there is no conceivable way of fooling Me.

For the Ways and Manners of Jehovah will never be the same as that of Man. You have to look to Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and the Holy Spirit will show you and guide you. People of the world, I don't care if you're a sinner or a Christian or into new Age. I don't care what you call yourself. The LABEL is not important to Me. All that is important to Me is that you do unto others, as you have others do unto you. You love your neighbor. You repent of your sins when you do fall, and you look to Jesus Christ of Nazareth, My Son.

It's basically Simple. It's Direct. It's Clean. It's Pure. You help each other. Why is that so hard to understand? You have so many different Faiths and so many different Religions in the Name of Christ. So many of you are so confused about Christ. You're looking for him over there and over here. You're looking for him at Church. You're looking for him wherever you might think he might be. Why are you so blind? The Counselor, the Comforter is right there, with you RIGHT NOW, THIS INSTANT.

He is talking to you. He is trying to show you the direction to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. All you have to do is take your hands out of your ears and remove them from your eyes. Listen! Listen to the voice that tells you to be good. Listen to the voice that tells you to help each other. Stop this Greediness, this Bragging and this Boastfulness even if it's in the name of Jesus Christ for Jesus doesn't want anyone who Boasts, anyone who Brags. Humble yourselves, take care of each other, the sick, the lame, the homeless.

You have so many problems. I am sorry to say no one is really helping each other in the manner that was directed in the Bible. Everybody is going their own way. You're so worried about Doctrine. You're so worried about being accepted, by the in group in your Church. I want you to be in the in group with the homeless, the hungry, the sick. That's the in group. That's the group that Christ came to help: The ones who had no one; the ones who smell when you approach them; the ones that are so skinny they are falling on their face; the ones who are freezing at night because they are sleeping in the streets; the ones that the demons have gotten so wrapped into drugs and sex and they don't know what to do.

I gave you the Power through the Holy Spirit to cast out demons, to cure the sick. All the gifts I have given you but you have been so busy in your little clicks, in your little Church trying to satisfy each other. What a Shame. What a Shame. What a Shame. I Love you all, and I want you all to live in Heaven. It doesn't matter what you have done. It doesn't matter what you're doing. What does matter is if you're hearing My Word and you don't correct your ways. For then you are lost, for the devil won you.

For the Law of Jehovah, the Law of Jesus Christ, the Law of the Holy Spirit, is really simple: Turn to Jesus. To Jesus is the Way to Me, Jehovah. The Power of the Holy Spirit is at your disposal. Read the Bible with an open Mind. Don't dictate to other people what I would say, that's My Job. I tell People what I want. IT'S NOT FOR YOU TO PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH. For I am perfectly capable of speaking for Myself.

You theologians are just..., I really don't know how to explain, "How and when," the events that are going to happen. Where you can stand firm and lead your flock into safety, for you're so easily swayed. You're so quick to condemn, you're so judgmental. Turn to Jesus; it's simple, direct. I am going to consecrate on the Flock for the leadership is totally confused.

There is a small portion that still has not fallen away but these true theologians, these true followers of Christ don't have the following: They don't have the fancy cars, the fancy suits, the fancy hairdo's, the fancy words. These true Pastors are living in the gutter eating with the people that need help. They have given them the shirts off their back. They are walking around hungry. They are walking around without clothes but they truly love Me with their whole Heart and Soul. When they see someone who needs help, there is such a burden in their heart. Tears come to their eyes with their limited means, which generally is nothing but prayer and a little token of help.

The love they have for Me is given to all those who need Me. Those are the true Pastors of My Flock. Those are the true followers of My Word. Not the ones who live in nice houses. Not the ones who say pretty words. Not ones who Glorify themselves and are Puffed up, full of Ego, and Pride. The ones who are living in the ghetto and are ministering one-to-one. You don't have to make an appointment with them, to see them. They don't have a busy schedule that they need secretaries.

Because they are living the way of Christ. They are helping the poor, the old. Some of them are doing nothing of great significance in regard to money, but they lend an ear. They lend a hand. All My Flock, every single one of you should be doing the SAME. Helping your neighbor, helping the child that needs help, feeding the hungry because you are all Priests, every single one of you.

So, as My Name is Jehovah, Creator of Heaven and Earth through the Power of the Holy Spirit, with My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I am issuing an order to all My Priests, My Saints, to do as I command. Don't wait until tomorrow. Do it Now for the end is coming. The world is going to be over. Don't depend on your Pastors for they're lost. They are so puffed up and wrapped up in their theology. What a Shame. What a Shame.

So My Flock, the Holy Spirit is going to start to put sparks of burden on you, to pray, to pray for your neighbors, to reach out to your friends and your enemies. To help you repent. To help others to repent for that's how the Body of Christ is going to go together through the Body, not through the Leadership, for the Leadership is going to fall because they are confused and they are lost.

So My Saints, take it upon yourself, go knocking on doors, pass out fliers. Stand on your roof tops, do whatever you have to do to save your fellow Brothers and Sisters, for like I said many years past, "It will end when you least expect it." Tell your Brothers and Sisters, and your immediate family, for your immediate family is a starting point.

For Heaven is wondrous, but hell is a place that you wouldn't want your family to be; your Mother, your Father, your Brother, your Sisters. For if you don't listen to My Words some are going to be in Heaven and some Brothers and Sisters in the other place. You don't want that and I don't want that.

The Holy Spirit is there to give you whatever you need. You have to trust in Jehovah God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. For there is going to be trouble on your Planet very soon. The players have their roles and they know it well. The wrath of Satan is going to fall on the Church with tears on My Eyes, I am pleading with you to make yourselves strong; turn to My Son, Jesus Christ. Repent! Don't depend on your Pastors, on your Leaders. For you will fall with them. Make yourself strong; go knock on doors; do whatever you have to do. For your reward in Heaven will be much. For I know who's Heart is Pure and who's isn't. And your reward in Heaven will be great. (Non-understandable tongues?)

Thank you My Father. Praise and Honor and Glory be to the Father. Praise and Honor and Glory be to the Father. Praise and Honor and Glory be to the Father. Thank you Father for My Will is your Will, and your Will, Will be done. According to the Word that's in the Bible. According to what was stated through the Prophets. Praise and Glory be to the Father. Praise and Glory be to the Father. Praise and Glory be to the Father. Praise be to the Father.

95. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 18 June 1992 at 2:10 AM. in Spanish, English and non-understandable tongues.


The thing that is My son. The thing that is. The lady is ill. The one that I mention before is sick because the devil is putting his force on her head, saying she isn't worth anything. She is very ill. The lady is sick. I am going to give you a confirmation. I am going to give you a confirmation and if you don't do what I tell you, the lady is going to leave with your confirmation and She won't be able to do what she has to do.


If she doesn't make a commitment on the basis of what is demanded of her in regard to her faith, she will suffer beyond what she has been used to. I will not allow her to exercise any form of mental abuse on you. Ray, I will not let her mentally abuse you. I will not let her torment you. She has to come on her own free will. She will not do what she wants for she is a possessed individual. She is controlled by the enemy. She will have to commit to the relationship with you or she will not be allowed into your World.

For you have a Job to do and she has to submit to your Spiritual Walk. I will not allow her to interfere or exercise dominion over you. I will not allow it to happen but she will have to understand obedience for the way of God is hard if you disobey. She will try to force you to think that you are in a position to live in a (similar or sinister?) position. She has to stop controlling you for she is not strong enough to make it on her own. For she will Fall at precisely 12:30 in the morning, for she will not be able to control her desire for you. She will lose all self control for she will want you sexually. She will want you physically. She will call on the pretense of a superficial matter because her body craves you. (Non-understandable tongues?)

I love you Ray. I love Ray, but walking in Christ's footsteps has never been easy. I know you are having some struggle with the decisions you have to make according to the Prophecies. You will get the strength when you need the strength, Ray. Just keep your eyes focused on the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Don't let anything, and I mean anything, sway you to the right or the left. Focus on Jesus, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, for He is the Path and the Way. You are under our protection, our guidance.

We know, We know what you're going through but you'll be fine. You will receive the gifts. Don't worry, Ray. You have received a few already. You just don't realize it. You will receive the others as you strengthen in your Faith, and your Walk. Trust Jehovah, Ray. Jehovah, the Father, the Creator of the Universe, you will never go wrong if you trust Jehovah. You will get confirmation.

Right Now, the Prophecies that you have mailed out are having an effect on the people who have read them. Some are being overwhelmed. Some are happy. Some are getting the hunger for more. So just trust Me, Ray. We will not fail you and you will not fail Us, so saith Jehovah.

For the other matters that I have been promising or have promised. For My Words are not the Words that say one thing and do another. I know your heart, so just focus on My Son and I will instruct you in what to do and when to do it.

You will know that it is Me. For some of the gifts you will receive are going to amaze people because the end is coming. We have to bring the Body of Christ together. I am going to shake it I am going to rock it. I am going to do whatever has to be done to clean it up. I don't care what title, what names, what labels man has put on My Word. For like I said, I have One Word. I am the same today as I was yesterday.

Man changes My Words to suit his purpose and the day and the hour is almost here. I know you are worried about what man says and in the manner he says it because you're not knowledgeable enough in the Bible to defend yourself. Do not worry, Ray. You have the Power of the Holy Spirit. Nothing that man can say or do can combat the Holy Spirit. I know you have a hard time comprehending that statement because you have never felt the Power of the Holy Spirit in that strength and in that manner, and it will shock you when it comes upon you.

But you're My Vessel and I can do what I want with My Vessels and you're willing, so I am going to use you, Ray. Just cling to that Rock, My son. The Holy Spirit will guide you and show you and give you Peace and Tranquility. For man cannot harm God, but the Wrath of God, My Spoken Word, does whatever it says it's going to do. It doesn't matter if it's a President, a King, an Emperor or the devil himself. I am the First Word. I am the Last Word.

I know you're trying your darndest. I hear your tears. I hear your confusion, but Ray, you are so much stronger than you think you are; if you only knew the damage that you have done to Satan's Empire. Just through your Prayers, just your Prayers alone, but that's another Story. Right now, your Job is to get My Word out as fast as you can. I will help you and I will guide you through the Holy Spirit. Do not worry about a thing except pleasing your Father Jehovah.

For I know you are not looking for rewards in Heaven. You're not looking for the praise of men. You are focused on pleasing Me. With that Mind, that Spirit, I can use you.

For the problem of the Flesh has always been there since the fall of Adam but you can do it, Ray. You can conquer the Flesh. Keep your eye on Jesus Christ of Nazareth, not on what Man says. I'll repeat it again. Keep your eye on Jesus Christ of Nazareth not on the Law of man using the name of Jesus Christ. Remember that Ray!

The Law of Jesus Christ, labeled by man, will send you in the wrong direction. Focus on the Purity and the Simplicity of Jesus Christ's Love for his neighbor, for the sick, for the lost, for those in want. Remember the two Laws that Christ said that were the most important. That's all there is to it, Ray. The hierarchy of the Church is wrapped and lost in TERMS and in MEANING. They lost the true focus of Christ, not all of them but many have.

Remember the three Laws and the two most important Laws that Jesus gave you: "Love your Father Jehovah with all your Heart, Mind and Soul" and "Love thy neighbor as you have them love you" and the next Law: tell "That Brother, thy neighbor that has not heard of Christ and inform him." Simple, Direct, and to the Point. We will talk again soon; just remember My Words.

Peace and Love and Tranquility to you, My little son be strong, be brave for the Rocks will come but I am your Shield, your Father, with the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Remember that, look to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I love you Ray, never forget that. This is you Father Jehovah, Creator of Heaven and Earth, the First and the Last.

96. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 18 June 1992 at 2:31 AM. Thursday in tongues, Spanish, English and Non-understandable tongues.


Because, because. The water that I said, that was going to come, is going to come. There is going to be the time of the storm and the storm is going to rip and throw everything everywhere. The water is going to go up and down very high like the mountains. Yes, Reymundo. It's the truth. I cannot tell you the exact date but it's very close, everything that I have said to you. (Non-understandable tongues?) Ark. Ark. Ark.


The day is coming that is upon you, and you don't even realize it. My Children you must wake up. You must educate and inform your Children of what's ahead, for the abyss is in front of you. For when the clock strikes twelve is the time that the new Day begins. The new Day of the new World of the new Heaven will come just like when the clock strikes twelve and you'll have a new Day. That's how it will be in the end. It will be fast and swift but for the Good Ones, the Pure at Heart, the Righteous, the Ones who repent their sins, it is just the Glorious beginning.

For they will be in Heaven with Me, and My Son, and the Holy Spirit forever without a care, without a worry. Your Bodies of today have no idea or comprehension of what it is to live in total Peace and Harmony with your Brother, with your Sister, with Nature, with everything around you. It's wondrous. You can fantasize and imagine but it's more wondrous than you can fantasize. It's more wondrous than you could possible dream. For that's what is waiting for the Saints that turn to Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

For He is the PATH. He is the DOOR FOR EVERLASTING SALVATION. So My Children, repent, look to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Only Jesus Christ of Nazareth, remember that. I can never understate it, look to Jesus Christ of Nazareth, pound that into your head. For Man's laws, Man's ways will lead you to the Pit. You Pray, and Pray. The Holy Spirit will show you, will guide you, will direct you. Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the Way. Not the Law of Man, burn that into your Head, into your Mind.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth has the Keys to the Kingdom, not Man's laws, Man's stipulation, Man's burdens. Just because they use the Name of Jesus Christ does not make them right. The Holy Spirit, the Counselor, the Provider of the truth is there with you now but you have to make a firm commitment in your Heart, in your Mind. You have to really want Jesus not just say it.

For He is the Way, not the rules and regulations that all these churches have. Some are really way off. Some are struggling. They have an idea but they are placing all these regulations and burdens on you. They mean well but they Lost the Focus. It doesn't matter how free they say they are. None of them are free, not a single one. You have to turn your eyes and your ears on Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I don't know how many ways I can say it and in how many manners it has to be said but I am going to keep saying it until you listen.

The same with you pastors, remember the Name Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Way, the Path, the Door, the Keys to Heaven; not your rules, not your regulations. It doesn't matter how hard or how you work or how you play. Get your focus. The law of Man is the law of Man. The Law of Jesus is salvation. Don't, please don't try to make the Bible something that it isn't to justify what you want it to be. The Bible has the answers but you have to read it with an open Mind, open Heart. The minute you put our God in a box you're lost.

He can do more wondrous things than your little Mind could comprehend. So My Children relax, take a deep breath, and focus on Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Holy Spirit will guide you. Remember that! This is your Father, Jehovah. The Creator of Heaven and Earth, of all that is and will be. I want you in Heaven. I really do, but you have to be sincere. If you could only see what I can see, and that's the Heart. You could never fool My Son or Me. I'll be waiting for you in Heaven. This is your Father. I love you. I adore you, but remember My Son, Jesus Christ. My Only Begotten Son who died for you.

97. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 18 June 1992 at 10:04 AM. Thursday in Spanish.

Vehicle. Pig's Vehicle. Pig's Vehicle. The Pig has a Vehicle. The Vehicle that he uses to hear what the People are saying. The Vehicle that he uses to learn what's happening behind doors and walls because he wants to know everything. The Pig wants to know everything. The day is here now that you won't be able to say anything, and you're going to have fear to hear what's happening, for the ears of the World are everywhere. You won't be able to trust anyone. For your Brothers, your Mother, your Father, and your Wife could send you to Jail if you don't think like the Pig. What a shame, it is a shame.

Your Father knows everything. Your Father knows what's going to happen before it happens. I made everything; My Sons and Daughters, the Stars, the World, the Heavens, everything you see and touch. Everything is Mine because with My Word, I made it with My Son and the Holy Spirit. The time is going to come and it's going to be very hard, so hard that you're going to think, "Why was I born, for life is so hard. I can't even breathe. I cannot rest because there are people behind me every minute."

When those days come I want you to remember your Father of Heaven with the Holy Spirit and My Son, Jesus. For My Word says what is Right, and I do not Lie, everything that I am telling you is going to happen. I want you to remember during that time I will always be there. The Door to Heaven is My Son, Jesus. You have to point your Mind to My Son, Jesus. He will help you with the Holy Spirit because everything is going to go bad.

Then I am going to send My Son. "He is going to clean up everything" Remember that! My Son Jesus has the Force. He has My Word to do what I tell him. I am going to tell Him to clean everything that is dirty. I want only what is clean.

The rest, I am going to put with the devil in the Pit for all the time that there is time. The Pit is a place where they are going to suffer for all the time that there is time. Many people don't want to hear this! They don't believe that God can do this! But Look! The people that are going to the Pit are the people that didn't look for Me. They looked for the devil and they found him. My Saints placed their Minds on their God, with the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The Father knows everything. The Father doesn't want you there. He has the Love of all the World but you have the free will to do whatever you want. I am not going to change your mind. You have to choose but I am going to tell you the truth. I am going to tell you the truth until you get tired of hearing it, but it's the truth.

If My Son sends you to that Place you won't be able to say that you didn't know. For I am the God of everything, and this minute I am telling you the truth. The Holy Spirit is placing that Spark in your Heart. Right Now! For I don't want you to tell Me that you didn't know. In the Pit you're going to suffer for all the time that there is time. There are many people that don't believe this. What a shame, for it's the truth.

The devil doesn't want you to know the truth, for if you don't believe then He can eat you. You have the chance to place your Mind on your God. The One who made everything with his Word or with the devil who took to the pit everything that he touched. You have to choose. With the Love of My Heart, with the Love of My Son, Jesus, with the Love of the Holy Spirit, We are telling you the truth. I am telling you with a Word, that you can tell, that it's the truth.

I love you with all My Heart. I am going to cry if I lose you. But what is the truth is the truth. Nothing can change what is the truth. I, with My Son, and with the Holy Spirit, We are the truth. No one wants to send you to that place. Everyone in Heaven wants you to come with Us to Heaven. Just the devil wants you to live with him but that's the way it's going t

Hear Me! Hear Me! This is your Father. Your Father with his Son, and the Holy Spirit, with the Heart of the World, with the Heart of everything that is right. I am telling you the truth. Hear Me! Hear Me! This is your Father.
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