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Saturday 19th of January 2019

1. Vision - A vision of a Cross with a circle of Stars.

Dim lights x

I keep seeing a cross with a circle of stars about the top of it.

I keep seeing a cross with a circle of stars about the top of it. This vision has appeared over and over for about two weeks.




2. Vision - The new Earth, visions of countries and continents.

Dim lights

I see a white Light moving down from the sky between the clouds.


I see a white Light moving down from the sky between the clouds. I could sense the Presence of God, the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.



Then from out of this white Light a white Star appears.



I saw this white Star move out by itself in the sky. The next thing I see is this white Star hover over a large white cloud.


I knew it was the top of a nuclear explosion for I knew the shape of the cloud. So I pretended not to know what it was. During the vision I knew it was Jesus Christ that was speaking to me, but I cannot explain how I knew. I just knew beyond any doubt that it was Him. He was speaking to me by placing thoughts in My mind. There weren't any sounds exchanged. We communicated through the mind. This whole thing had me frightened because I had never really had a vision like this before. I remember, I was so scared for I knew who was speaking to me and I didn't like what I was seeing. I did everything I could do to avoid the subject of the mushroom cloud, but He would not budge from the vision of the mushroom cloud. This whole mushroom vision must have lasted fifteen or twenty minutes because I kept avoiding the subject. I don't remember why, but I gave in and He showed the whole thing.



I could see the Star over the nuclear explosion. I was so frightened that I started to cry. So I got mad at Him and I told Him to show everything and not to hold anything back. The next thing He showed me was a clear sheet of glass with bubbles on the surface.

This vision of a clear sheet of glass made me even angrier for after seeing a nuclear explosion I was shown something that didn't make sense. The next thing I was shown was the ground. As I watched the ground it opened up and a large crystal came up. It was about one foot in diameter and about eighteen inches high with a bright white cone on top.


This crystal with a cone on top made no sense either, but then this crystal changed into the United States Pentagon Building.


Then the ice cream cone changed into the continent of South America.

2-changing-cone 2-south-america




The Lord showed me the country of Holland by showing me a windmill.



Then He showed me the country of Egypt by showing the Egyptian Sphinx.



All of a sudden I see three pyramids flying in the sky. I could see them from the bottom side.



The next image was of an enormous black cloud moving from left to right. Then a massive White Cloud appeared moving from right to left. These two clouds met in the middle and the White Cloud swallowed the black cloud.



Then the sky turned a beautiful light blue with a beautiful rainbow in the sky. I cannot explain it, but I felt peace and everything that I could see was at peace.


The next image startled me for I was out in outer space and I could see the planet Earth. Out of nowhere a large hot rock appeared. I could see the black outer surface with its red inner core glowing bright red. As the black rock hit the planet Earth it bounced on the countries, continents, and the state of Texas that I had seen earlier in the vision.



Everything was peaceful for a second, then out of nowhere a single beam of light shot through the blackness of outer space. Then there was another beam of light moving toward the planet Earth. Then a third came forth and before I could comprehend what

was going on, outer space was filled with these beams of lights. They just showered the planet Earth

like rain and peppered the whole surface.



In the next image, I could see the Earth as you see it from outer space. It looked so beautiful with its white clouds and blue green water, I could even see the weather patterns. I don't know from where Jesus Christ came from, but He was standing next to me as I watched the planet Earth. Then all of a sudden the planet disappeared and all I could see was black space. I remember I argued with Christ because the planet just vanished into nothing. He showed me the planet two more times and each time it disappeared into nothing. This really upset me for I kept arguing with Him.



Then out of nowhere a new planet appeared, but this planet was three to four times bigger than the planet Earth. It had a bright white light on the outside of it with a dark center.



By this time I didn't know what to believe, so I said to Christ, "I don't believe it. I want to go down and see for myself what's down there." The next thing that happened, we both started descending toward the planet. Once we entered the outer surface, all I could see were these white clouds moving through the sky, but they weren't like the clouds I was used to seeing. The actual planet could not be seen because these white clouds covered the whole planet. These clouds were different, they seemed to have there own individual movement, each was separate from the others. What crossed my mind was that these were individual spirits and not clouds at all, but I really didn't know. This all happened while Christ and I were descending to the planet and since I could not see anything, I told Him that I didn't believe it and I asked Him to take me down farther into the planet.



What I saw was this enormous White Light in the sky over this great body of water. This water had no currents or waves. It looked like one giant sheet of glass.




During my conversation with Christ I kept telling Him that I didn't believe it, for there wasn't any ground or dirt. The whole thing was so unusual for we were standing on top of the water. Then without any warning, right where we were standing, the cone part of the ice cream cone, that I had seen earlier, started to come out of the water. The end first without even creating any waves on the water right next to us. It grew and grew until it was a mountain maybe a mile high into the sky. Then without any warning Christ disappeared and the vision stopped.



3. Vision -The Throne of God, Crown, and God's Power.

Dim lights

During my prayer time, while laying on top of my bed, I had a vision of the mile high ice cream cone that came out of the water in an earlier vision .

(I received this Occurrence/Vision five days after the 18 July 1990 vision. This is being documented from memory since the only records were the drawing that I drew at that time.)

During my prayer time, while laying on top of my bed, I had a vision of the mile high ice cream cone that came out of the water in an earlier vision .

I started to pray and the next thing I saw was an usual looking throne, but I was only allowed to view it from one angle. No matter how hard I tried I was only allowed to see it from this particular angle.

Then a Bright White Light appeared over the throne with a Bright White Star in the center of the White Light.


As I was observing this amazing Throne, the mile high ice cream cone hanged into a pedestal for the Throne of God It somehow changed into a pyramid looking pedestal I could see thousands of steps which led to the top where the Throne was

As I was trying to comprehend this vision, an image of a Crown appeared with Three Stars in the center and I believe twelve round little balls on top of some pointed pieces which were placed all the way around the back of the Crown.


The next image I saw was from the air. I was directly above the Throne of God. I could see it on a clear sheet of water with Clouds or Spirits going around it in a counter clock wise direction.


The First meeting with the Father Jehovah

This extremely bright White Light appeared. This Light was much Larger than the One with the Star in it. At first this light was so massive I thought it was the New Earth radiating. Then somehow I found myself viewing it from above in the sky looking down at it. I thought I was looking into the core of the Planet . It looked Powerful, but when it started to pulsate like a human heart , I realized it wasn't the core of the Planet.


When mind to mind communication started it really got my attention. The Voice said, "Do you know who I am? "

I said, "Are You the Father ?"

And the Voice said, "Yes, I am. Do you want to talk? "

"I guess so, sure," I said.

Then the Father said, "Do you want to ask Me something?"

At this time I was overwhelmed, but I didn't know what to say or ask .

So I said, "Explain the Trinity to me for I never could understand it ."

The next thing I see was a White Light shooting out from the Large White Light and a White Star appeared in the center of it.

Then the Father said, "Do you know who that is? "

"That is the Son, Jesus Christ." I said it with confidence, for I had seen it before.

The Father said, "That's right. Then who Am I ? "

"You're the Father," I said. "Then what is the Holy Spirit?" I questioned .

Then I was shown three or four lines connecting both Bright Lights .

We are three and separate, We are One ," the Father said.

I didn't admit it, but I still didn't understand, and I didn't want to sound like I was stupid.

So I said, "Okay."

The Father said, "Do you want to see My Power ? "

I said, "Okay."

The next thing that happened was the Larger White Light grew bigger and bigger . Somehow I was growing with the same speed as the Large White Light. I could see the New Earth get smaller as the Light got bigger. Then the stars in the Heavens became smaller as the White Light got bigger and bigger . I was seeing Universes get smaller as the White Light got bigger and bigger . Universes were shrinking to the size of a pinhead and the White Light got bigger and bigger . Universe upon Universe shrunk to nothing and the Father just got bigger and bigger and at an extreme rate of speed. It seemed to me that everything else shrunk to nothing and the Father just kept growing and growing, and my spirit or body could not take the reality of what was happening. I had to say, "STOP! I cannot take anymore. You can show me more some other time, I can't take anymore right now. I am overwhelmed."

Then the Father said, "I am everything, but Everything ."

So everything just stopped growing and we talked about the devil.

I asked, "Why are you letting the devil do all this evil in the world, he is hurting so many , and with your Power it doesn't seem to me to be a problem to stop him? "

"Certain things have to happen before other things can happen and everything has its order. We will talk again soon," He said.

Then the Vision/Occurrence stopped.


4. Vision and Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on July 1990.

Dim lights

4. Vision and Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on July 1990. 

It's July 13, 1993, I am going to document a Vision and Occurrence that happened three years ago from memory for it was never recorded on tape. All morning the Lord has been reminding me to add it to the Prophecy Book. (I have decided to fast and pray while documenting this Vision/Occurrence for the Heavy Warfare attached to this Occurrence is incredible.)

Vision and Occurrence:

One afternoon while praying on my bed, I had a vision of Christ carrying a Cross down this street and I could see someone whipping Him fiercely.

Then I heard someone say, "If you keep hitting Him you are going to kill Him before He is crucified."

I could see Jesus on the ground, in pain, as they grabbed someone from the crowd to carry His cross. Arriving at the crucifixion area I watched as several men held Christ, then a very large man nailed His Left Hand to the Cross. This large man had big arms and was wearing a piece of cloth around his forehead, he raised a wooden mallet and drove a spike into Christ's Hand or Wrist. I could see Jesus' pain as His Body lifted into the air with the impact of the blow. Somehow I was seeing the mallet come down on Jesus from the ground up as if it was coming down on me.

I remembered being in shock seeing what was happening in the spirit. Then I saw the image of the right Hand being nailed from the same perspective. I could see all the force the large man used with his mallet. After both hands were nailed, they nailed his feet as Jesus tried to struggle without success. I could see these men lifting the Cross with Christ on it and placing it in a hole in the ground. The pain of Jesus was very vivid as the Cross was lifted. Then I believe wooden wedges were driven into the base of the cross for support.

I find it unusual that I can still visualize this large man with the wooden mallet so clearly after so many years. I remember laying on the bed contemplating what I had seen in the spirit. Then without warning my left hand slowly started to move out from my body. I tried to stop it without success. With my hand outstretched the same large man I had seen earlier in Christ's vision lifted the same wooden mallet into the air. I remember trying to remove my hand as I watched the mallet go up and seeing it come down with great force on a spiritual spike. I became hysterical and kicked, screamed, and struggled to no avail. I was screaming and fighting with all the power at my disposal. There was no real pain, only the shock of not being able to move and seeing the mallet come down.

Then the man reappeared and my right hand started to move out from my body, I fought it the best I could without success and it was also spiked. I found my arms extended and pinned to the top of the bed and I felt completely helpless. Then my legs started to come together. I struggled as hard as I could, but it was no use for the same man reappeared again with the same results. Next, the Cross with me on it was erected and secured to the ground. I could see myself among thousands upon thousands of people that had been crucified on crosses. These hills were literally covered with crosses; some people were hung, some were tortured. Most were on crosses but some had been hung or tortured. It was like a massive graveyard of crosses.

Suddenly, I saw a White Star appear from within a bright White Light over the hills, and I realized it was Jesus. I questioned Christ about what was happening and received no answer. Then I sensed and saw what appeared to be a black void that went nowhere to the left of me, but behind me. I started immediately telling Christ that this wasn't the right spot for me. I remember telling Him that I didn't belong here, that I belonged with those other crosses, some distance from the black void. But Christ would not say a word. He just remained over this hill and watched me. I pleaded and pleaded with Him. He just remained over this hill in complete silence.

Then, approximately twenty minutes later, Christ said, "The people on the crosses are the people that were crucified for Me crosses are the people that were crucified for Me through the ages."

This whole occurrence was just overwhelming. I just waited and waited, then after about twenty minutes other visions started to appear before my eyes. (I am not going to document the other visions because the Lord didn't tell me to. So that's where I'll leave this Vision and Occurrence.)



7. Vision - Christ showed me a Bell and told me to Ring it.

7. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 28 October 1990. (parts from tape journal)


Christ showed me a Bell, and said, "Ray, see this Bell?"

I said, "Yes."

Then Christ said, "This Bell is useless, and it has no value, unless someone rings it. Will you ring it for me? This is the Bell of Revival. Will you ring it, Ray, and start planting Seeds into people's hearts?"

He said my ministry was revival and that made me happy because I didn't want to get into deliverance ministry. I was bewildered for I didn't know what revival was. So I said sure, because I thought that would be easier than deliverance ministry. For I thought deliverance ministry was he ministry chosen for me and I didn't like spiritual warfare at all.

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