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Saturday 19th of January 2019

37. Vision - White winged Horse and a two headed Lion.

37. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 9 February 1991.

I saw a large white winged Horse flying through the sky. When it came down it crashed through a large window. The glass went in all directions. Then the white Horse walked around in the room. Then from the outside of the broken window a Lion with two heads walked in behind the winged Horse. One of the heads was of a male. I could not see if the other was a male or female.



35. Vision - Eagle flying around the world collecting names of the saved.

35. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 29 January 1991.

I saw a snow white Mountain Peak with a white Eagle on top. Then the Eagle flew off carrying a large Book. The Eagle had a dome of protection around it, of some kind. There were Evil things trying to knock it out of the sky, but it just kept on flying at a steady speed. As it flew, it collected names of the Christians that were being saved. It just kept flying around the World, and as it flew the Book got bigger or it seemed to fill up with names. Then the vision just stopped.



35. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 29 January 1991.