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Wednesday 19th of December 2018

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Dim lights <b>Raymond Aguilera</b> Artist- Sculptor, Painter, Christian Writer
Dim lights <b>Raymond Aguilera</b> Artist - Sculpture, Painting
Dim lights George W Bush - Cowboy from Texas by R. <b>Aguilera</b>
Dim lights The Miracle in the Eagle Nebula
Dim lights Obama Obama Obama song by R. <b>Aguilera</b>
Dim lights Obama&#39;s Song by <b>Raymond Aguilera</b>
Dim lights Painting by <b>Raymond Aguilera</b> - Sculptor, Christian Writer
Dim lights Painting by <b>Raymond Aguilera</b>
Dim lights 1965 Prophecy - Opinions and Spin - <b>Raymond Aguilera</b>
Dim lights 1959 Occurrence - <b>Raymond Aguilera</b>
Dim lights Tears of Joy - <b>Raymond Aguilera</b> - 1958 Occurrence
Dim lights 1957. Prophecy Big Bang Theory - <b>Raymond Aguilera</b>
Dim lights Michael Jackson - <b>Raymond Aguilera</b> 1956 Occurrence
Dim lights 1955. Prophecy - The river will change- given to <b>Ray Aguilera</b>
Dim lights The Love of God is great! - Prophecy #1953 given to <b>Raymond Aguilera</b>
Dim lights 1942. Prophecy - Obama will be pierced - given to <b>Ray Aguilera</b>
Dim lights Prophecy 1901 Hawk and the Goose - <b>Aguilera</b>
Dim lights Prophecy 1195 Bear &amp; Tiger Parable - <b>Aguilera</b>
Dim lights Prophecy 1193 Exhausted <b>Ray</b> - <b>Aguilera</b>
Dim lights Prophecy 102 Messenger - <b>Aguilera</b>

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